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Gwent Police and South Wales Police say: Don't have a nightmare this Christmas!

Published: Monday, 3 December 2012

Gwent Police and South Wales Police say: Don't have a nightmare this Christmas!

Remember to lock your doors and windows

With many people buying gifts and stocking up for Christmas, Gwent Police and South Wales Police are reminding residents to lock their doors and windows.

As part of the Don't Have a Nightmare This Christmas campaign, this week the two police forces are encouraging home owners take precautions to help keep their property and belongings secure. This includes:

  • Always keep your doors and windows locked (even when you are at home during the day)
  • Take your key out of the back of the lock and keep it somewhere safe (out of reach from windows and doors)
  • Avoid tempting thieves by leaving presents on display under your tree - close all of your curtains when you have the light on
  • Keep presents out of view of all windows
  • Register any high value gifts you are buying, free of charge on the national property database www.immobilise.com
  • If you are going away for the holidays, then remember to cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries
  • Don't advertise your presents to others by leaving empty boxes outside your house for refuse collection or recycling
  • www.donthaveanightmare.org.uk.

    A short film, showing the consequences of leaving your doors or windows unlocked can be viewed on the campaign website - www.donthaveanightmare.org.uk. Crime prevention messages are also being sent out via both the Gwent Police and South Wales Police Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Gwent Police Assistant Chief Constable, Simon Prince, said:

"The effects of burglary on a household can be devastating, and particularly at this time of year when people are purchasing gifts for their loved ones. By following these simple crime prevention steps, we hope that the number of families affected by this crime can be reduced."

South Wales Police Assistant Chief Constable Julian Kirby said:

"Most burglaries happen as a result of doors and windows being left unlocked, making it easy for burglars to enter homes and help themselves.

"Christmas is an expensive time of year and burglars know this - they will be aware that more homes will contain valuable items in the lead up to the holidays.

"Don't let your hard work to pay for presents go to waste. Lock all your windows and doors and keep valuables out of sight to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime this Christmas."