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Jingle all the way - Purse bells given out to help keep shoppers safe in Gwent

Published: Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Police in Gwent are offering shoppers a special gift this Christmas to help keep their purses and wallets safe during the busy, festive period.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams are handing out small, tinkling bells that attach to purses and wallets to help cut the number of thefts and bag snatches in Gwent - advice is also being given on how to avoid becoming a victim of theft.

Hundreds are being given out free of charge in the run up to Christmas in the hope shoppers will hear them when would-be pickpockets try to take their purses, wallets or steal their bags - the key rings have helped cut the crime in other parts of the UK like Leicestershire and Sheffield.

The initiative is part of the Don't Have a Nightmare This Christmas campaign, where Gwent Police and South Wales Police are warning shoppers to 'zip it, lock it, watch it' as they head out to busy shops and town centres over the next couple of weeks.

A film showing the consequences of not paying attention to your purse and handbag can be viewed on the Don't Have a Nightmare This Christmas campaign website - www.donthaveanightmare.org.uk