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Police and Stores work together in Monmouth to crack crime

Published: Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Monmouth Businesses Against Crime Partnership is going from strength to strength and will be working together to crack crime over the busy Christmas period.

The partnership which started in September already includes 8 stores and another 6 are on trial during December. The partnership works together to tackle shoplifting as well as anti-social behaviour in the town centre.

All stores signed up to the Businesses Against Crime Partnership have a ‘Storenet’ radio which allows messages between themselves and the police to be communicated quickly and effectively.

All stores have also been shown photos of offenders who are known for repeated shoplifting offences.

In the last two months, 7 offenders have been caught for shoplifting offences and all goods returned to the stores.

Monmouth Community Support Officer Dan Osgood who set up the partnership along with CSO Alan Wakeling said: ‘We’re really pleased that the partnership has already had such positive results and we’re hoping for this to continue during December.

‘We want members of the public to feel safe when they visit Monmouth to do their Christmas shopping and we want to make sure the stores are protected from shoplifters.

‘Officers and all stores will be vigilant and anyone looking to come to Monmouth to commit crime will be dealt with positively.’