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Shoplifters - Blackwood officers are watching you!

Published: Thursday, 20 December 2012

If you're thinking about shoplifting in Blackwood, then be warned, Blackwood officers are watching you!

The Christmas campaign to tackle shoplifting, anti-social behaviour and anyone looking to cause trouble in Blackwood will be continuing over the town's busiest shopping period of 2012.

Blackwood Neighbourhood Team, shop and security staff from stores in the town are working together to tell troublemakers 'You're not welcome!'

Officers will be on patrol in the town during shop opening hours and working in conjunction with the CCTV control room so that offenders and anyone acting suspiciously can be tracked whilst in Blackwood.

25 stores have signed up to the Blackwood Retail Partnership some of which also have a 'Storenet' radio which allows messages between themselves and the police to be communicated quickly and effectively. The partnership aims to reduce crime by improving the information shared between shops, businesses, the police and the council.

Stores have also received training on how to spot shoplifters and how to protect their store goods. They have also shown photos known offenders who have been banned from shops and premises in the town due to their anti-social behaviour or repeated shoplifting offences.

Neighbourhood Policing Team Inspector, Mark Smith says: "Blackwood town centre remains one of the preferred shopping destinations within the borough. I am determined to ensure that visitors find this a pleasant experience. Those who think they can commit crime in the area need to think again. My team will be watching you!"