Public Misconduct Hearings

Under their formal Misconduct Regulations, Police Officers accused of gross misconduct have to appear before a misconduct panel which is chaired by a legally Qualified Chair appointed by the Police and Crime Commissioner and made up of a Police Officer of at least the rank of Superintendent plus an independent lay member, also appointed by the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The hearings are held in public and in Gwent this is usually achieved by the hearing taking place in a Police building and the proceedings being streamed by way of a live link to a room in Police Headquarters where the press and the public can attend.

Sometimes, if there are representations made by any of the interested parties which can include the Officer(s), witnesses or victims, complainants , the Force itself or the Independent Police Complaints Commission if they have been involved, the Chair of the panel may decide to exclude the public and media from some or all of the proceedings.  Representations can be made for personal reasons or for operational reasons because of the sensitivity of the case or the circumstances and because policing tactics or operations may be compromised. The starting point is always a hearing in public. The details of the hearing must be published by the Force at least five working days before it is due to take place, even if it is to be held in private. The Force must also publish the outcome for at least 28 consecutive days after the hearing has finished. It does not have to identify the Officer(s).

In Gwent, members of the public and press wishing to attend are asked to notify the Force of their desire to do so, in order that enough space can be allocated and any necessary security measures can be put in place.

Our Public Misconduct Hearings

A Misconduct Hearing for Detective Constable 1200 Fitzpatrick, took place between 18th February and 15th March 2019.

 The following allegations were found proven and panel decided that the officer would be dismissed without notice:

  • In or about July 2017 you addressed members of E relief at Bedwas police station and you remarked that if anyone had an objection to the use of a particular offensive word then they should let you know or words to that effect.
  • In about July 2017 at Bedwas police station you spoke to PC Champion and stated that she used an offensive word.
  • On or about 14th July 2017 whilst you were on mobile patrol you spoke to a member of the public and used offensive language to him.”   
  • Upon return to the police station after the incident in paragraph 3 above you recounted the story to officers and thought it was funny as you were laughing as the story was recounted.  
  • Between July and December 2017 in the presence of other officers you used a particular offensive word repeatedly. 
  • In or about the summer or autumn of 2017 in front of other officers at Bedwas police station you made inappropriate and offensive comments to PC Coulson.  
  • Between July and October 2017, you asked unwanted and intrusive questions about PC Lewis Evans’ sex life. 
  • Between July and October 2017 you have suggestively winked at Lewis Evans and referred to him as the “Hoff.”  
  • In the autumn of 2017 at Bedwas police station you were aware that PC Jemma Goodfield had a sore throat and in front of other officers you made an inappropriate and offensive suggestion to her. 
  • Between July and December 2017 you shared details of your own sex life with your husband with other officers at Bedwas police station when such behaviour was unwanted. 
  • Between July and December 2017 you openly broke wind in front of other officers and on occasions you gave an inappropriate and offensive explanation as to why you had done so.
  • Between July and December 2017 on a number of occasions you belittled PC Mark Powell in front of other officers. 
  • On or about the 1st of October 2017 as PC Lewis Evans was in the process of searching an arrested person, Mr. Boulton having found a knife upon him you spoke to the officer in a patronising and demeaning way in front of Mr. Boulton and other officers.  
  • On the 8th October 2017 during the arrest of Craig Parry who had been placed into the rear of a police vehicle handcuffed to the front you used inappropriate and offensive language  to PC Lewis Evans.
  • On the 9th October 2017 at Bedwas on attending to an incident in which school girls had entered the Rhymney river you:
  • rebuked and accused PC Lewis Evans of not providing information to you. You did so in front of other officers and members of the public.
  • You spoke in an unprofessional and intemperate manner to Mrs. Raison Head teacher of Mynydd Haf Independent Day School when you rebuked her for referring to a “crack den” and
  • you told her in angry tones to stop talking.
  • You told her to look directly at you as you accused her of avoiding eye contact.
  • You told her she needed to listen to you and do as she was told.
  • You told one young person that she was “vile”
  • You were aggressive to all present
  • You told the head teacher that her school was a nuisance and that it was her job to keep the children safe and that she was making a drama out of the situation
  • On or about the 27th November 2017 you attended with PC Powell at a call relating to threats to kill a woman and:
  •  you repeatedly told PC Powell that he didn’t have a speaking role in front of the woman and
  •  On an occasion in the autumn of 2017 you spoke to PC Lewis Evans in front of other officers and used inappropriate language” in a condescending and patronising way when he was operating a scanner. 
  • Between July and October 2017 you stated to officers at Bedwas police station you wanted to cheat on your husband and have an affair with a PC.
  • On or about the 3rd December 2017 you spoke to PC Cavill in front of other officers and asked if he had a girlfriend and whether he would like an affair with an older woman and when he said “no” you said, “I’ll be gentle I promise” or words to that effect.

A Misconduct Hearing for former Police Constable Mendy Sambou, took place on 11th March 2019.

The panel, led by an independent Chair, found that Ms Mendy Sambou would have been dismissed without notice had she remained a serving police officer.




Between November 2014 and April 2015 you worked as a carer looking after MB. You attended her on 21 occasions for 30 minutes each. During your visits you also became acquainted with her husband JB, DOB 31/1/31 (now aged 87).

MB died in May 2015. Shortly after her death you initiated contact with JB by visiting him at his home. From that time you and JB began to have regular contact on the phone; through visits to his house; and by going out for meals. This continued over several years.

By the end of 2016 the relationship progressed from one of just friendship to an inappropriate relationship.


Over the course of your acquaintance, JB made multiple payments to you in cash; bank transfers; holidays; and gifts. Analysis of your bank accounts shows an estimated total of payments made of £34,670.18. You also received gifts and small cash payments in hand. The key financial gifts are listed in the table below:





Weekly since mid- 2015

£50 per week

Petrol money

July 2016


Money towards holiday in Paris

Winter 2016


Towards flight and spending money for holiday to Gambia

Nov 2016-

June 2017


(20k returned Aug 2017, rest kept)

Cash transferred to account as a deposit for a house.

Early 2017


Balance of fees for Masters degree

April 2017


For Michael Kors watch for her birthday

Summer 2017

£3,000 cost

£1,000 spending money

Holiday to Spain

Jan/Feb 2018


Payment for police training course

April 2018


  To buy a BMW – two payments of £5000

  and then £4000

May 2018


Replacement car tyres






Fish Tank



Washing machine



Perfume shop gift card



Silver necklace from Sri Lanka


In March 2018 you were successfully attested as a probationary constable in Gwent Police. In spite of your police role you continued your inappropriate relationship with JB. He gave you £750 towards a police training course. In April 2018 JB bought you a car for £9,000. In fact, your inappropriate contact and financial relationship with JB continued until August 2018 when these events came to light.

When you first initiated contact with JB he was recently widowed and lonely and therefore vulnerable to your approaches. Despite being aware through your training as a carer, and latterly your police training, of the need to recognise and respect boundaries; to understand vulnerabilities; to understand the importance of not abusing trust and not accepting inappropriate gifts; and the need to ensure your position is not open to compromise you developed an inappropriate relationship with JB. You accepted money and gifts from him amounting to many thousands of pounds and engaged in an inappropriate relationship with him.

When questioned about these events you initially lied about your contact with JB, dishonestly inventing false stories about the sources of your money to try and conceal the extent of your financial gain. You did this because you knew that your actions in forming and exploiting the relationship with JB were wholly wrong.

Your actions in initiating and developing an inappropriate relationship with JB amounted to an abuse of trust and lacked integrity in breach of the standard of Honesty and Integrity. Your conduct as a whole, if known, would bring serious discredit on the police service and undermine public confidence in it, in breach of the standard of Discreditable Conduct. Your conduct is so serious as to amount to gross misconduct.





A Misconduct Hearing for former Police Constable Joslyn, took place between Wednesday 30th January and Friday 1st February 2019.

On 22nd March 2019 the panel reconvened to give their decision on findings and outcome.

The panel, led by an independent Chair, found that Mr Joslyn would have been dismissed without notice had he remained a serving police officer.

The findings and outcome decided by the panel can be found by clicking here