Stop & Search Data & Statistics

As part of our commitment to the Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme we publish annual data which provides details, amongst other information, of the amount of stop and searches which have taken place within each Local Policing Area (LPA) and the amount of positive outcomes relating to those searches. The below data relates to the period 1st April 2016 -  31st March 2017

Self-Defined EthnicityForce TotalTotal East LPATotal West LPA
A1 Asian Indian401
A2 Asian Pakistani35290
A3 Asian Bangladeshi210
A9 Any other Asian Background15111
B1 Black Caribbean1162
B2 Black African641
B9 Other Black Background623
M1 White/Black Caribbean24113
M2 White/Black African311
M3 White/Asian540
M9 Other Mixed Background1041
O9 Any Other Ethnic Background750
W1 White British1221320567
W2 White Irish301
W9 Other White Background1686
N3 Officer Called Away291014
Not Disclosed211
PurposeTotal ForceTotal Force Positive OutcomeTotal East LPATotal East LPA Positive OutcomeTotal West LPATotal West LPA Positive Outcome 
Criminal Damage28772145
Going Equipped193373548722
Offensive Weapon94312554919
Stolen Property1946329610342
Suspect Crime/Disorder/ASB210000
Traffic Violation310000
Not Recorded801030

A positive outcome means the person stopped and searched has either been arrested, reported for summons, issued a caution, issued a cannabis formal warning, undertaken in a community resolution scheme or received a penalty notice for disorder.

Please note: Due to a data quality issue with our own internal computer systems when we first introduced Mobile data during the early part of 2016 /2017 financial year, the total figures for Stop search encounters in Gwent do not correlate to the same number when looking at the totals for the respective geographical areas. This has been rectified since July 2016. The issue in no way hindered the monitoring and scrutiny of stop search encounters or overall data returns to the Home office