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Doorstep Crime: Know the SCAM

Unfortunately not everyone who calls at your door may be who they say they are - so you should always be on your guard.

Doorstep crime is when someone comes to your door with the aim of scamming you out of your money or tries to get access to your home to steal items from inside.

While there are many legitimate tradespeople and officials, it’s wise to always be vigilant when you answer your door to someone you don’t know. 

Criminals who commit doorstep crime can be pushy and persuasive, or appear to be kind and caring and it can be very easy to fall victim. It’s especially important to be vigilant and aware if you live on your own.

STOP - before you open the door and think about who it could be...

CHECK - who is at the door, using a window, spy hole or chain if you have one but don't let them in...

ASK - who they are, why they are there and what they want...

MAKE THE CALL - use your Nominated Neighbour Card or contact a family member or friend...

Useful Contacts

National Trading Standards: 0345 404 05 06

Age Cymru: 0800 169 20 81

Welsh Water: 0800 521 01 30

Wales & West Utilities: 0800 912 29 99

Western Power Distribution: 0800 096 30 80

Connect Gwent, Victims Hub: 0300 123 21 33 

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