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Independent Advisory Group

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What is an Independent Advisory Group?

It's all in the name! A group of people who are independent from Gwent Police but work alongside them to advise on local and national issues.

An IAG is a genuine partnership between the Police and the Community where advice can be sought on policy, procedure and practices and in doing so protects both the reputation of the police service and safeguards against adverse impact on any section of the community. (College of Policing)

Gwent Police's IAG meets 4 times a year and has two main functions - firstly to scrutinise service delivery (for example how well we are engaging with the public, or how a policy will impact on the local communities) and secondly to work alongside us in the event of a 'critical incident'. A critical incident may be a serious crime, a policing operation, an event, or anything that may have an impact on public confidence or community relations.