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Social Networking & Internet

If you are experiencing comments or have seen images you deem to be inappropriate you should contact the social networking site directly using the self-reporting facility usually via the help or support centre on the web page.

Anything you deem to be threatening, harassing or of a criminal nature should be reported to the police and we would ask that any evidence be captured as soon as possible, you shoud consider the following:

CHAT LOGS/IMAGES/WEB ADDRESS - cut and paste or 'save as' into a word/text document - you could also try the print screen facility.

You could also try and take a photograph of the screen or leave the page on the screen for the police to view.

GENERAL ADVICE - Make sure to use strong passwords usually a combination of upper case, lower case, symbols and numbers is best. Apply privacy settings to Facebook and use reputable anti-virus/spam protection which should be run regularly.