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How to protect your metal

picture of scrap metal on the back of an open back truck

The value of lead and copper has increased over recent years, making it more attractive to thieves. Here are a few top tips to help reduce the likelihood of you becoming a victim of this type of crime:

If lead is stolen consider replacing it with a lead free alternative.

Remove any easy access points to roofs for example rubbish bins, water butts and tall plants/trees that are close to the building (and you have permission to cut).

Don't leave ladders lying about - make sure they are secure.

Make sure that your fencing or security barriers are in a solid condition and there aren’t any weak spots. Regular checks should be made, as thieves can weaken fencing and barriers and return to steal goods at a later date.

If you see anything suspicious (individuals or vehicles, including people carrying out unscheduled building work), around your own or a neighbouring property, phone the police.

Security mark any metal materials, and consider the use of forensic marking products - if any of metal is ever stolen and recovered, it can then be traced back to its rightful owner. These products can also act as a deterrent in the first instance – particularly if you have signs saying that your metal is marked.

Ensure that installed CCTV systems are fully functional on your own and neighbouring properties.

Make sure that you have adequate external lighting, particularly if own a storage yard. Criminals prefer operating in the dark, so installing additional lighting will act as a deterrent.

If you own a commercial building/yard, encourage security staff to make regular checks of the perimeter and to any stock held in yards. Also encourage them to wear high visibility jackets so they can be seen making the check as well.

If you do have metal products in a yard, then consider moving them close to a building so that you can monitor it more easily.