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Advice for victims of crime from Gwent Police

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Thank you for reporting the incident to the police. The decision to contact the police can be stressful and you might be worried or concerned about its implications. If you would like advice or support, there are many people who can help.

We can tell you what to expect from Gwent Police and give contacts for other agencies in the  Criminal Justice System that you can contact for free advice, practical information or emotional support.

More information about the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime can be found on the gov.uk website at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-code-of-practice-for-victims-of-crime

You are entitled to make a complaint if you do not receive the information and services you are entitled to, and to receive a full response in relation to that complaint.

Connect Gwent

More information about specific services tailored to victims of crime in Gwent can be accessed via Connect Gwent by telephoning 0300 123 21 33 or by visiting www.connectgwent.org.uk