Request an image of a defendant

We have to justify the release of images of defendants, so we examine each individual request, carry out checks and take into consideration the impact on any victims and their safety before we release an image.
The defendant must have been convicted of a crime where they may reasonably expect a prison sentence of six months or more. 
When you make a request for an image, please include the following:
  • name and date of birth of defendant
  • date and location of court appearance
  • offence they were convicted of and their sentence
  • summary of offence and circumstances - including location
Please make all requests as soon as possible before your publication's deadline.
We'll try to get images to you as soon as we can.

Request CCTV images

We release CCTV images for policing purposes, such as an appeal for witnesses. We may have to edit images to disguise other individuals featured, so please make your request as soon as possible before your publication's deadline.

Request prosecution material to do with a court case

The CPS, in consultation with the police, can consider releasing prosecution material that's been used been in open court. This may include:
  • CCTV footage of the defendant/victim (pixelated as necessary)
  • video and audio tapes of police interviews with defendants, victims and witnesses (edited as necessary)
  • maps/diagrams
  • images showing crime scenes as recorded by police
  • images of seized property, eg, weapons, clothing, drug hauls or stolen goods
We'll give particular consideration to the views of victims, witnesses and other people directly and personally affected by a case, such as family members, when making any decision to provide prosecution material to the media.

Request an image of a police officer or member of staff 

If you'd like a photograph of one of our officers, please tell us what you intend to use it for and when it will be used. We'll then speak to the person directly.

Request images from our social media accounts

Images released on our social media channels are in the public domain, but if you intend to use any of these images, please let us know in advance, so we can make sure there are no copyright issues.