Meet our new four legged officers…

The dog section at Gwent Police works to offer unique support to their colleagues using trained dogs to respond to emergency calls where their skills can be used to help make Gwent safer.


Now in their fifth week of training our new recruits Cody, Wish and Mel are well on their way to becoming front line support.


Cody is a Belgian Shepherd he's 20 months old....Wish is 19 months old and she's a Czech Shepherd and finally Mel is the youngest of the bunch at just 16 months old and she's a German shepherd.


They've only been with us for 8 weeks but Instructor Paul Booth said:'These dogs have been a pleasure to train, we've had no problems. Down here, we work as a team to make sure these dogs are trained to a high standard. Cody, Wish and Mel have been fast learners; I'm excited for their future with us at Gwent Police.'


The intensive training put our canines through their paces, they are trained in a number of specialisms including general purpose duties as well as detecting drugs, cash, firearms and explosives. General purpose police dogs are also often involved with searches for missing people.


It won't be long now until Cody, Wish and Mel are hitting the streets of Gwent as fully licensed operational police dogs.


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