The 2010 Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is a biennial golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States. The competition is jointly administered by the PGA of America and Ryder Cup Europe LLP, and is contested every two years, the venue alternating between courses in the United States and Europe.

The 2010 Ryder Cup was hosted in the first week of October by The Celtic Manor Resort on a course, the Twenty Ten, specifically designed and built to host The Ryder Cup using the natural contours of the Usk Valley. Europe overcame The United States by the smallest of margins – 14½ to 13½. 

For Gwent Police and the partner police forces we worked with, it was a policing operation on an unprecedented scale at that time, for an event which was likened to hosting three FA Cup finals back-to-back!

Officers had to co-ordinate crowds who were dispersed over a wide area in the Gwent and South Wales, Avon and Somerset and Dyfed Powys policing areas, as well as ensuring the transport links ran smoothly with such a huge volume of traffic. During the event, the atmosphere among the crowds was all positive with no issues with disorder. The event in Gwent was a huge success and was something that will remain an important part of the history of Gwent Police.

Ryder Cup Facts

  • The Ryder Cup is a golf trophy, donated by Samuel Ryder, which is awarded biennially in an event called the “Ryder Cup Matches” between teams from Europe and the United States
  • The Ryder cup is regarded as the third most-watched sporting event in the world
  • The 38th Ryder Cup will be held in 2010 at The Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, from September 27th – 3rd October inclusive
  • During the 6 days of the event there will be 45,000 spectators and up to 7,000 staff per day on-site