Gifts & Hospitality Register

  • All Police Officers and Police staff members must declare and seek approval for any gifts or hospitality they receive
  • Approval is granted by the Head of Professional Standards
  • Declaration and approval is a measure for preventing bribery and corruption
  • It includes hospitality received  in the course of work such as food and drink and attendance at functions 

Officers and Police staff are occasionally offered or given gifts as appreciation, thanks or in recognition of their services. This is sometimes by individual members of the public with whom they have come into contact, or by companies or organisations.

All gifts require the approval of a Senior Officer and are registered and published to ensure that the gift is appropriate and not of high value. This also mitigates gifts being perceived as an attempt to bribe or corrupt. Gifts and hospitality would include meals and drinks and some forms of entertainment when attending events, functions or conferences as part of their duties. By far the most common types of gift offered and accepted each year in Gwent are chocolate, sweets, biscuits or cakes . Alcohol is permitted, as long as it is in small quantities and consumed in the Officer/staff member’s own time.

The register is cross-referenced with other information held so that any links or vulnerabilities to corruption can be identified.