Public Misconduct Hearings

Under their formal Misconduct Regulations, Police Officers accused of gross misconduct have to appear before a misconduct panel which is chaired by a legally Qualified Chair appointed by the Police and Crime Commissioner and made up of a Police Officer of at least the rank of Superintendent plus an independent lay member, also appointed by the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The hearings are held in public and in Gwent this is usually achieved by the hearing taking place in a Police building and the proceedings being streamed by way of a live link to a room in Police Headquarters where the press and the public can attend.

Sometimes, if there are representations made by any of the interested parties which can include the Officer(s), witnesses or victims, complainants , the Force itself or the Independent Police Complaints Commission if they have been involved, the Chair of the panel may decide to exclude the public and media from some or all of the proceedings.  Representations can be made for personal reasons or for operational reasons because of the sensitivity of the case or the circumstances and because policing tactics or operations may be compromised. The starting point is always a hearing in public. The details of the hearing must be published by the Force at least five working days before it is due to take place, even if it is to be held in private. The Force must also publish the outcome for at least 28 consecutive days after the hearing has finished. It does not have to identify the Officer(s).

In Gwent, members of the public and press wishing to attend are asked to notify the Force of their desire to do so, in order that enough space can be allocated and any necessary security measures can be put in place.

Our Public Misconduct Hearings

Public Misconduct Hearing - 6th July - 9th July 2020

A Gross Misconduct Hearing will take place between Monday 6th July to Thursday 9th July 2020.

The hearing will begin at 9.30am on the 6th July at Gwent Police Headquarters, Cwmbran, NP44 2XJ.  

An Inspector will attend a Gross Misconduct Hearing to answer the following allegations:

It is alleged that the officer has behaved in a manner which breached the following Standards of Professional Behaviour:



The particulars of the alleged conduct as are summarised here as follows:

  • It is alleged that these matters individually and/or collectively amount to gross misconduct, namely a breach of the Standards of the Professional Behaviour that, if proved, is so serious that your dismissal would be justified, and that you have breached the following Standards of Professional Behaviour in particular:
  • You have acted dishonestly, and without integrity:
    1. By lying to PSD about your phone not being in your possession (and thereby suggesting you could not have seen the missed calls or received the voicemails).
    2. By lying to your supervisor.
    3. By suggesting to DCI Roberts that you had sent the report on 14/15 September when you had not.
    4. By driving your vehicle when it was, uninsured, did not have an in date MOT certificate and without a vehicle excise license.
  • You have acted in a manner that brings discredit on the police service and undermines public confidence in it:
    1. By driving your vehicle when it was, uninsured, did not have an in date MOT certificate and without a vehicle excise license.
    2. By abandoning your motor vehicle in a church car park for c. 8 weeks without consent, and without leaving contact details, causing an obstruction and inconvenience to legitimate users of the car park.
    3. By producing your warrant card to PC Cross when you were stopped in order to influence his actions.
      The conduct is alleged to be so serious that it constitutes gross misconduct.
      The Appropriate Authority imposes the following sanctions:
  • Any member of the public (including any representative of the media) will give notice of their wish to attend the hearing to the Appropriate Authority by 4pm on Thursday 2nd July 2020.
  • Any member of the public (including any representative of the media) attending the hearing must produce valid identification.
  • The taking of photographs and the use of film or sound recording equipment during the hearing, except for official use, is prohibited.
  • Any member of the public (including any representative of the media) attending the hearing must comply with requirements put in place to comply with regulations enacted as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic or otherwise to ensure the health and safety of all those attending the hearing.

Any person(s) wishing to attend this hearing are required to contact the Professional Standards Department via email at [email protected] in advance of the hearing, and no later than 4pm on Thursday 2nd July 2020 that arrangements can be made for their attendance.

Oherwydd natur frys y cyhoeddiad hwn, nid oes cyfieithiad uniongyrchol yn Gymraeg ar gael ar hyn o bryd. Rydym yn ymddiheuro am unrhyw anghyfleustra. Diolch.

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