Guidance for Microsoft Stream

This guidance is supplemental to South Wales Police and Gwent Polices’ Joint Laptop Policy and separate Agile Working policies and guidance’s as well as all relevant Force Policies and Procedures concerning the handling and processing of police information.

This document compliments the South Wales Police and Gwent Police use of ICT Systems.

The purpose of providing guidance in the use of Microsoft Stream is to state acceptable and unacceptable use of audio and video recording and live streaming, encouraging the use of the functions within the Microsoft Stream App but in a professional manner.

Do This

  • Consider your audience (global, professional, time-constrained, and future viewers as well as now)
  • Post short videos (viewers are more likely to stay through to the end)
  • Respect the hosts (if you're not sure your video is suitable for the group or channel… ask first)
  • Protect your brand (nothing is anonymous; what will this content say about you / the force?)
  • Keep private content private (if you don't know how to manage privacy in Stream… learn here)
  • Honour organisational policies (find all organisational policies here).
  • Make the most of Stream's features (learn here).

Avoid This

  • Violating copyright (if you, South Wales Police or Gwent Police don't own the rights, don't post the content, period)
  • Solicitation (videos for funding pitches, such as Crowdfunding and GoFundMe are not permitted)
  • Profanity (Consider your use of language, keep it professional)
  • Oversharing (Stream is not a personal vlog; South Wales Police and/or Gwent Police own all uploaded content)