Missing People

  • Our approach – Gwent Police takes reports of missing people extremely seriously and urges the public to contact us at the earliest opportunity if someone they know goes missing. We have specialist teams to investigate these types of incidents and also provide support and guidance to the families and friends of missing people
  • How you can help us – you can help by making some initial enquiries with friends, relatives and work colleagues to ascertain whether they can provide any information of the person’s whereabouts. If safe to do so, it may also be useful to visit places where they are likely to be, particularly if they have been missing and subsequently found somewhere in the past
  • What to do next – if the person is extremely vulnerable, at risk of suicide or could be in immediate danger, call 999 (for example if the person is a young child or vulnerable elderly person)

 If not, call us on 101.

  We will generally ask the following questions when you contact us:

  • Detailed description of the missing person
  • Any details of previous missing episodes
  • Any vulnerabilities that the missing person may have, including whether they take any medication etc and when they last took it
  • Their vehicle details (if applicable)
  • Any places they like to frequent
  • Their contact details ie mobile number and any details of social media sites they use, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat
  • Their bank details

 The above questions are not exhaustive, but if you have these to hand, they will greatly assist us in helping to find your loved one.      

Missing Children's Team

Gwent Police established the first Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub in 2014 to safeguard and protect those most vulnerable in our society. The Missing Children’s Team incorporates the Police, health, education and social services and not only provides an extensive and comprehensive risk assessment for missing children, but also conducts debriefs with those children who have been missing, in order to understand why they went missing in order to prevent recurrence. For more information on the Missing Children’s Team, please visit Breaking the Cycle

Further Support

Gwent Police also work closely with the charity Missing People.  The charity provides support directly to missing people and to the family and friends of missing people. You can contact them by calling or texting 116000, completely free of charge.