Inspector Paul Biggs

Your latest blog from your new local inspector, Paul Biggs, who covers the Bargoed, Rhymney and Ystrad Mynach areas.

This is my first blog since I took over as the inspector for Bargoed, Rhymney and Ystrad Mynach at the end of last year.

Before I get into what my teams and I have been doing in these communities, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I joined Gwent Police as a police constable in Blackwood in 2004, and since then, I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work in in a variety of roles, such as our roads policing unit and armed response unit.

After working in Canada, where I completed some educational qualifications and worked to develop safe practices for private security firms, I am back working in Gwent in the north of Caerphilly.

Thank you to all who have assisted and contributed to the ‘Your Voice’ process which has been running to identify the local priorities that you the public wish for us to address in the coming months.

The results will be published in the near future and listed in my next blog.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is an issue that affects the whole area that Gwent Police covers. My teams have been working in a number of ways of help redress this matter in our areas of operation.


Over the last six months the New Tredegar neighbourhood policing team (NPT) has focused on ASB as a policing priority, particularly in the Phillipstown area.

Following a large number of reports, there has been a particular focus on tackling vehicle-related ASB.

Officers began conducting high visibility patrols in the area in attempts to deter this behaviour.

During November 2019 we received around 20 reports about ASB – focussed on matters relating to vehicular ASB – in this area and a large number of these reports came from the community.

This information has allowed my team to shape their investigation into these matters, and in one particular case secured a custodial sentence for one individual.

This is a fine example of how positive outcomes can be achieved when the police and community work together to address issues affecting their area.


The Rhymney NPT has worked towards tackling vehicular ASB at the Lawns Industrial Estate in the past six months.

As a policing priority for the team, we have received a number of reports of large congregations of vehicles in the area during the evening and night.

These anti-social activities, which have caused concern for residents living nearby, have included speeding, performing dangerous manoeuvres, causing excessive noise and revving engines.

In a bid to deter these issues, the team has carried out regular high visibility foot and vehicle patrols at night and early in the morning, often receiving support for other teams.

We have also carried around joint patrols with partners and educated motorists found congregating about the issues and ASB offences as well as moving vehicles on to deter behaviour.

We have also spoken to people in the area who have reported the ASB and taken statements from them in order to possibly apply for injunctions on vehicle congregation.

We have noticed a decrease in the number of vehicles congregating since patrols in the area and the education of drivers began.

Although the calls have not stopped entirely, we are seeing a reduction on the number of reported incidents.

I would like to add also that the majority of vehicles were using the area to park-up and congregate quietly rather than causing ASB and most drivers were more than happy to move on when asked.

Ystrad Mynach

As part of their area policing priority, the Ystrad Mynach NPT has targeted ASB in and around the town centre for the past six months.

We received reports of large groups of youths congregating and acting anti-socially in the evenings and at weekends.

A multi-agency meeting was held to discuss possible strategies to deal with youth ASB in the town and to identify other agencies that could assist.

Regular patrols have taken place on the weekends and engaged with the groups of youths and, if required, ASB referrals were submitted.

One of the strategies we have worked on has involved the Positive Futures and the KICKS programmes, which provide diversionary activities and encourage youths to take part in sport.

Since the implementation of the priority, the team has seen a significant reduction in the number of youths congregating in the town and engaging in ASB. 

They found that ASB in the town began to reduce dramatically over the summer months with fewer incidents of ASB being reported.


The Bargoed NPT has been tackling ASB in the area of the Bargoed Gateway and Angel Way as their policing priority over the past six months.

Multi-agency meetings have taken place to identify partners that could assist in tacking the issue in the Bargoed area and diversionary activities provided by partners are underway.

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Inspector Paul Biggs