Inspector Andy O'Keefe

Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, Andy O'Keefe, who covers the Bargoed, Rhymney and Ystrad Mynach areas

Welcome to my latest Blog. I am writing this from Rhymney station having temporarily moved out of Bargoed as we are having building works and re-wiring done. The contractors are doing a great job and I’m looking forward to moving back in the coming weeks.

The snow causaed disruption across the area but I have to commend my staff for all of their efforts in ensuring that they got into work and provided a service in helping others.

I recently had the pleasure of delivering training on Restorative Justice to our Special Constables and also to be a member of the inteview panel for the promotion of Special Sergeant. As an ex Special myself, I found this so rewarding to give something back to those who give so much to our community.

Being volunteers and giving up time with their families and loved ones to keep communities safe is so admirable. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome Special Sergeant Gareth Noyes to the West Local Policing Area, he will be a great asset to the team and I look forward to working more closely with him. Well done Gareth. For daily updates, follow my team on Twitter @specials.

Rhymney Ward - the team have been working hard over this reporting period and dealing with the issues that residents are raising as being of concern.

Off-Road bikes are an issue and we ask residents that if you know of who the individuals are, speak to officers and we can issue appropriate warnings.  If their behaviour persists then in some cases we can seize the bikes.

Some of you may have seen a certain local individual who we circulated as wanted and he thought he would taunt officers on line saying “catch me if you can”.  Needless to say a day later he was caught. Not so clever after all!

Parking is still an issue that many complain to us about, my staff have been targeting areas to try and educate residents, but when they don’t listen then tickets are issued. I am really concerned with the behaviour of some parents dropping their children off at school and parking dangerously. You will have seen officers at the schools and dealing; this is a safety issue for your young people and so please park safely and legally.

Please keep feeding in the information and we will keep you updated in the coming weeks and months. Check out the activity of the team on their Twitter feed @gprhymney

Bargoed Ward – we are receiving increasing complaints with regards to the large groups of youths gathering in the car park for Morrisons and the surrounding streets, reports of damage being caused and Anti Social Behaviour through drinking and swearing.  I have attended meetings with the Manager of Morrisons, Bargoed Town Council and your local Councillors and we are discussing options to try and curb this behaviour. I want to take this opportunity to thank them all for their continued support.

We are targeting the area and I have signed Dispersal orders to assist my officers to deal with the groups as their presence is proving intimidating to those attending the town. Some of the youths are listening but not all, this week a young male was arrested for Public Order Offences and found himself taken to Newport Custody. Positive action will be taken.

The Local Team are continuing action with regards to inconsiderate parking on Bargoed Town. Please work with us and park considerately. Check out the activity of the team on their Twitter feed @gpbargoed

Ystrad Mynach Ward - PC Craig Ellis and the team have been out and about working hard to address issues of anti social behaviour.

We are receiving reports of anti-social behaviour due to groups of youths gathering at Ystrad Mynach Hospital, I would ask that parents discuss the matter with your young people and discourage them from attending the location. The staff at the hospital do a fantastic job and need to be left to deal with patients and not being distracted by anti social behaviour.

Parking issues coninue to be a concern for residents, especially on the approach to the Train Station. Please be considerate and think of others as tickets will be issued. Check out the activity of the team on their Twitter feed @gpystradmynach  

Thank you for taking the time to read this month’s blog and I will be back next month.

For daily updates, follow my teams on Twitter @gpbargoed @gprhymney @gpystradmynach

You can also email me any policing issues in your community andrew.o'[email protected] 

Inspector Andy O'Keefe