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Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, Gavin Clifton, who covers the Bedwas and Caerphilly areas

First of all, I apologise for not publishing my Blog for the previous two months but I have been recuperating from a shoulder operation. I am now back to work and there is still a road to recovery but it is great to be back to business.

Summer is here already and not only has the weather not been too bad but it is really nice to wake up with the birds singing and the hum of lawnmowers being used.

Keeping with the summer theme, as you are probably aware, with the sun will come other issues we have to consider. One of these will be off-road bikes and vehicles being used for off-road use, particularly on a Sunday.

Our Neighbourhood Policing Team have action days planned during the summer to combat this illegal use and the anti-social way these people drive on our roads to get to our mountains. You can help to identify those driving and using these vehicles. We are asking our community to report to us in Bedwas if they are fed up of their neighbour revving their bikes every Sunday, if so, report it. If you see any off-road bikes, take a photo or video and let us know and we will deal with it. You can also contact us via our Facebook and Twitter pages, just follow @gwentpolice

There are several ways we can report incidents or suspicious activity and this can be done confidentially - I will explain this at the end of my blog. We have had some great results recently with warrants executed every week and the information and intelligence we are receiving has increased significantly. Please do not stop flow as those supplying, dealing and cultivating illegal substances are on the back foot for a change.

As I write this, this week alone, we have executed several warrants under the Misuse of Drugs which has led to the arrest of the offenders, we will look to secure a conviction and seize their assets under the proceeds of crime act.  This photograph demonstrates the length people will go to cultivate Cannabis in homes – we have recently seized this from your community and hopefully I can tell you more about this case in future blogs. This is a reminder for us to always be vigilant, particularly landlords – if you have any information or if you know suspicious activity is taking place in your area – then please tell us!

Some other positive news was the conviction of a travelling burglar from Cardiff, who came to our area and stole two cars from a home address in Caerphilly. They were tracked by our officers to an address in Cardiff, they were arrested, interviewed and remanded in custody. The 22 year old man from the Cardiff area has now received a five year prison sentence and the both cars were retrieved. Officer in the Case, DC Matt Pearce has said “The expeditious nature of this investigation was helped by the local community coming together and working with Gwent Police and our collaboration with South Wales Police. I hope this case sends out a strong message that Gwent Police will act swiftly and work exhaustively in order to arrest offenders of these crimes and bring them to justice.” Great result!

Although the victims can be pleased they have had justice delivered, burglary to your own private home or commercial premises can be traumatic and there is always a victim. We must, as a community make sure those who are involved in these type crimes are caught and given swift justice of a prison sentence. If you are aware of any illegal activity and those involved then please inform us, again you can do this confidentially.

Lots of good work is taking place in the community with our Mini Police. One of note is the litter pick with the Mini Police from St James School last week. They had a day out and attended the Dog Trials in Tredegar Park, Newport with our Neighbourhood Policing Team. The environment was a topic they wanted to be part of and the below photo is something they want to build for their school, an eco brick water bed, using empty bottles and unrecyclable plastics. Looking after their future is a priority. Great work by PC Anthony Moore and CSO Sarah Mey who are forging relationships with the younger generation.

There will be summer programmes set up for our young people of Caerphilly and Bedwas and these will be advertised through local social media. Please keep an eye out on what is happening so we can keep our young people engaged through the summer. 

We will be there to support these events. One such event is the June Carnival being held at Lansbury Park. This is being organised by the community of Lansbury Park. I do not want to steal their thunder but it will be a great event and there is lots of entertainment for everyone. Our Local Neighbourhood Policing Team will be there and it will be good to see you there supporting a local event.

As I am local and live in Bedwas, I noticed that there is now a community page on Facebook. I am Interested in what we can do to make a difference to our community and the Facebook site is refreshing - it is clear our local people are passionate to build a healthy and vibrant community for our young and old.

We have had a pretty busy month and I could talk for longer about the work we are doing but duty calls.

Have a great June, whatever your plans, and hopefully I will see you out and about.

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Inspector Gavin Clifton