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Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, Gavin Clifton, who covers the Bedwas and Caerphilly areas

June has been and gone quickly. We are now into July and our young people will be breaking up for the summer at the end of this month. 

The month of June for Bedwas and Caerphilly was really busy and a lot of good work has taken place, but we acknowledge there is a still a lot to be achieved. You have responded to the call for more intelligence and information and we have been overwhelmed with your support. It is clear that our community is now becoming stronger together and confident to report illegal activity in their area. This is evident by the amount of Warrants for the misuse of Drugs that we executed for the month of June. Please keep it coming.

This month on two separate days we executed 17 warrants under the misuse of Drugs act. This is a tremendous amount of work for my team, the easy part was to execute the Warrant, the hardest part is putting evidence together to ensure we have a conviction; this can take months before we get to sentencing. We seized a huge amount of Cannabis which is still under investigation. We have not finished yet, there is more to come, so watch this space. The photo on the right shows what we seized in one Warrant.

I am giving firm direction around seizing property under the proceeds of Crime act. If you are involved in the supply of controlled substances, we will come for your property; that means cash, valuables, vehicles etc. This act is a great piece of legislation.

Organised Crime Gangs can infiltrate a community in different ways, one of which is targeting the vulnerable and the young. Keep a good look out for obvious signs: Is your family member suddenly wearing expensive clothing or watches, going on holidays or living beyond their income? These are generally good indicators. Are your young people wearing top of the range trainers or riding new bikes etc? These are another good sign they could be being used as couriers for organised crime.

Two weeks ago we had the sentencing of nine people in Crown Court for the supply of controlled substances, conspiracy to supply and money laundering, all of whom were acting together as an organised crime gang from our area; this was publicised in the media. Three of the males received three and half years each and six got a two year suspended sentence for eighteen months; a great result for our community.

There will be information sent out on Social media in relation to Rogue traders. We have had a few calls in relation to Workmen claiming to be working for the Local Council and offering to provide a service to get rid of vermin from their premises for an initial low cost. These are bogus callers and should have official identification from the Local Authority. Please make sure you pass the message and be vigilant; report anything suspicious. We are out and about investigating the reported incidents.

On the community engagement front, Lansbury Park had a Carnival this month. This brought together the whole community and the Mini Police from St James Primary School marched through Lansbury Park with our Ward Officers CSO Sarah Mey and Pc Anthony Moore.

This was a great opportunity for the community to come together and there are plenty of activities taking place over the Summer period, so make sure you ask Sarah or Anthony what is happening when you see them.

I also noticed that there were concerns over where the Defibrillator has gone from outside the Bedwas Post Office. It has been moved to Graig y Rhacca Neighbourhood housing office, but there is still a defibrillator outside Bedwas Police Station. If this is required in an emergency ring 999 and you will be given a code to access the defibrillator, or if you see an officer at the station they will have access to the code.

There are new Priorities selected for Caerphilly and BTM and these are:

  1. Off Road Bikes and vehicles for the whole of Caerphilly and Bedwas.
  2. Anti Social Behaviour Lansbury park, Caerphilly.

We will be working towards these Priorities with our partners and volunteers. The volunteers have been contacted and they are eager to work alongside us to reduce the issues raised by you, the community. Off road vehicle use is particularly difficult to reduce and identify offenders, therefore, we are asking neighbours who are fed up of having motorbikes revving up on a Sunday morning to report confidentially to the Neighbourhood team, we can then deal effectively with these vehicles.

There are plenty of events appearing all over the Caerphilly and BTM wards in the coming weeks and we as a Neighbourhood team will be involved and present to meet with you. I can see Caerphilly Castle has events every weekend for July, Including the Big Cheese, which is bringing much needed revenue and focus to our town. It will be great to see all those visitors leaving with positive impact.

July is looking really good and impressive with the weather conditions and events, please be careful and enjoy your holidays and time off from School. See you next month!


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Inspector Gavin Clifton