Abergavenny Ward Manager Adam Hollings

Your latest Guest Blog from your Abergavenny Ward Manager Adam Hollings.

Firstly let me start by wishing you all a Happy New Year and a prosperous and crime free 2018!

My name is PC 648 Adam Hollings, I am the police ward manager for all of the Abergavenny wards. This basically means I am responsible for dealing with all of the ongoing, persistent problems in the Abergavenny area, ranging from anti-social behaviour, through to drug dealing, violent crime and everything in between. I have been doing this job for nearly two years and am thoroughly enjoying the challenge.

I am very lucky to work with an excellent team. This includes my colleague PC Maldwyn John who liaises with our partner agencies such as social housing, mental health, Monmouthshire County Council, to name but a few, in order to develop a partnership approach to dealing with persistent offenders . I cover 11 wards and each ward has a community Support officer looking after it.  They work very hard to engage with the communities they serve, attending events, visiting victims of crime and tackling anti-social behaviour issues amongst many other things. They are our eyes and ears and the modern day equivalent of the traditional ‘bobby on the beat’. If you see them around, please stop and say hello.

I’ll thought I would use my turn writing this blog to let you know about some things we have done since I became Ward Manager, things that have hopefully had a positive impact on the quality of life of the community in and around Abergavenny.

We used new powers given to us to close down a property on Park Avenue that was being used to deal class A drugs. There was regular reports of violence at the address and this includes two police officers being assaulted whilst inside the property. Neighbours and users of Bailey Park were at their wits end and were scared of being anywhere near the address. The property has now been boarded up and problem free since June 2017. The residents have moved on and, fortunately, have not continued to cause the same level of disruption anywhere else in the town.

We recently presented a myriad of evidence to Monmouthshire County Council about anti-social vehicle use in and around Fairfield Car Park, resulting in a Public Space Protection Order being issued making any such behaviour in the car park a criminal offence. We have issued a number of warnings and concluded two prosecutions. The PSPO coupled with regular patrols has resulted in local residents reporting that they have seen a huge improvement in this area. We will continue to monitor this and also look to deal with reports of speeding vehicles using the adjacent roads as a racetrack.

Some individuals have continued to make the lives of their neighbour’s difficult.  Normal laws don’t always extend to dealing with this sort of anti-social behaviour so we have obtained four criminal behaviour orders and many more community protection notices which create specific offences tailored to deal with their individual behaviour or criminality. We have prosecuted these individuals for breaching these orders resulting in prison time, unpaid work and evictions from properties. The victims of their behaviour no longer have to suffer what has, in some cases, been going on for many years.

We have also executed dozens of search warrants on houses for various criminalities, ranging from drugs supply or cultivation through to illegal possession of firearms, fraud and animal cruelty. The vast majority of these have come from intelligence received from the public so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.  You can report any illegal activity in your area to us by calling 101 or anonymously to Crimestoppers.

We continue to listen to your concerns and every six months we open the books to ‘Your Voice’, where the public complete online and face to face surveys. The most popular two issues on each ward are then prioritised and problem solved by the PCSO’s with assistance from police officers when needed.

I could go on and on (and probably already have) so I’ll leave you with a quick plug for our twitter account. We update daily on what we are getting up to. You can follow us @gpabergavenny.

If you are experiencing crime or anti-social behaviour and you need us, please get in touch.

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