Inspector Micah Hassell

Your latest blog from your local Inspector, Micah Hassell who covers Abergavenny, Monmouth and Usk

The last 12 weeks have been extremely challenging with the Covid Pandemic. Resources across all public services have worked extremely hard to ensure our communities are safe. I’m sure all our communities will share my comments and thank our NHS for their tireless efforts providing care to everyone who has been affected by this devastating disease.

I would like to thank our communities who have taken the time to contact Gwent Police to highlight the work my officers undertake every day to provide the best possible service to you all. CSO Lauren Parker has been inundated with calls for service for parking issues within her ward. Her swift effective action has prevented a number of issues escalating into more serious incidents. Members of the community have commented on her patient, friendly and understanding attitude which has brought a number of problems to a successful conclusion.  Well done Lauren.
Pc Darryl Hoare and Pc Mark Waters were on hand in the Chepstow area to provide support and medical attention to a three-year-old boy who was choking on a coin whilst in the back of his car.  Officers quickly took control of the situation helping remove the coin which ultimately saved the child’s life. Providing care to our most vulnerable people in our communities is something Gwent Police prides itself on. Both officers did an excellent job. 

Throughout May, Officers have undertaken a series of operations to target a recent increase in Dwelling and Non-Dwelling burglaries that have featured across the whole section.  Sergeant Sam Atkinson and Sergeant Damian Waite worked tirelessly into the early hours of the morning with their teams. The results were significant leading to 30 Stop searches, 4 drug driving arrests, 1 drink Driver 8 arrest for Possession of controlled drugs,  2 vehicle seizures for road traffic offences and a number of various summons offences for minor road traffic matters. The impact this operation had significantly reduced the burglaries across the section; and will continue as we move into the summer months.
Specific mention also needs to be given to Sergeant Chris Hansen, Pc James Brook, PC Ross Blunsden and PC Carly Powell who successfully arrested a 33 year old male for burglary. The offender in this case was subsequently charged with burglary and received a 20 week custodial sentence after pleading guilty to a series of garage breaks throughout Monmouthshire. 

More recently Sgt Hansen and his team struck again in the Abergavenny area, this time arresting three males  for burglary in a rural farm in Llanover. A 35 year old from Pontypool, a 35 year old male from Lydney and a 31 year old from Shropshire were all taken into custody and interviewed for three separate offences. Although the cases have not been concluded, the efforts made by the team have provided a great deal of reassurance and support to the victims of this dreadful crime.   

Last week, PC Mike Sharman, Pc Ross Martin, PC Darryl Hoare and Sergeant Damian Waite attended the scene of an horrific house fire in the Caldcot area. The officers did everything they could to save the occupant inside the address but were fought back with smoke and flames. Unfortunately, the occupant of the address tragically died in the fire. On behalf of Gwent Police, I would like to express my sincere condolences for the family and friends who are connected to this incident. I am immensely proud of the officers who did everything they could during the incident trying to save the residents life.

Protecting our most vulnerable people in our communities is a key function for my team. PC 1233 Peter Evans and PC 1770 Donna Assirati attended to a suicidal male. Their actions at the scene prevented the male taking his own life after threatening to cut his wrists.  The officers worked extremely hard to provide the care and support he needed. The person involved in this incident sent a message of thanks to both officers thanking them for helping him,  stopping him from taking his own life. Both officers did an excellent job well done.

Finally, as we move into a period where the lock down restrictions are gradually easing, many people in our communities are marking the occasion by having parties and drinking excessively. My teams have experienced an increased number of calls for disturbances in public places where people are drinking heavily, leading to an escalation in violent confrontations.  The NHS services have experienced a secondary demand for drink related incidents, which could really be avoided during the COVID pandemic. If you choose to mark the occasion with a party, please drink responsibly to ensure we protect our front line services so we all help to save lives. 

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Inspector Micah Hassell