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Hello and welcome to my latest blog.

Spring has finally arrived, and with it some good news regarding the spate of burglaries that had affected Abergavenny towards the beginning of the year. I am pleased to be able to report that, following a thorough investigation by CID and uniformed officers, a man has been found guilty and has received a prison sentence of 27 months. Another male was also arrested and is currently awaiting his trial. Hopefully I will be in a position to update you with a result next time.

I wanted to spend a little time this month highlighting just a couple of incidents that demonstrate the excellent work that Monmouthshire officers do to keep people safe in our communities.

The first incident that I wanted to mention occurred during the early hours of Sunday 24th March 2019, where two of our officers attended a report of a man who was seen sitting on the edge of the bridge on the A48. The man was in a very precarious position and was agitated. Officers spoke to the man calmly, and made sure that traffic was stopped so that this would not pose a risk to him. He was still on a high bridge though, and was threatening to jump. The officers eventually managed to persuade him to come away from the edge, and quickly and decisively detained him in order to prevent any further risks. It is more than likely that the actions of these officers saved the life of this man and enabled him to receive the medical help he needed.

The second incident that I wanted to mention involved an off duty arrest of a man who was drinking and driving and who proved to be over the legal limit. This man was observed by the officer, who was socialising with his family at the time, and was detained before he could drive away and had the opportunity to cause harm to himself or other people. Being off duty, the officer did not have any protective equipment or his radio, but nevertheless he acted without hesitation and without consideration for his own safety. This simple example demonstrates that our officers are committed to the local community, and will take positive action to deal with people even when off duty and even though it may cause them personal inconvenience or risk.

One of the perennial issues we face in the county is that of inconsiderate motorcyclists, who ride at excessive speeds and often used modified equipment which generates excessive amounts of noise. Now for those of you think I am against bikers let me assure you that I am not – I am a keen biker myself and I enjoy nothing more than a ride through the winding lanes of our fantastic county on a bright and sunny afternoon, but when I do I make sure I ride considerately. The lives of many people within the county are made miserable during spring and summer as bikes roar past their homes, ignoring the speed restrictions and causing a danger to others, and we know that this behaviour is likely to increase as the weather improves. In view of this we will be working closely with the Wales Road Casualty Reduction partnership (GoSafe) over the coming months, and our neighbourhood teams will be out and about talking to bikers across the county. We will also be looking to work with other partners such as the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to enforce relevant legislation.  I want people to enjoy motorcycling as much as I do, but this needs to be done considerately and safely. We will educate bikers whenever we can, but ultimately we will enforce the law where it in necessary.

That is about it for now, but please remember if you want to report a non-emergency then you should call 101 and if you want to provide any information about a crime you can contact us directly at . Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. This is a completely anonymous service.

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Inspector Damian Sowrey