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There have been some big changes in Newport East over the past few weeks/months, all designed to improve our responsiveness to local issues and problem solving capabilities.

In order to manage the range of demand and problems experienced in Newport East we have invested resource into the Neighbourhood Policing Team, doubling their number.  This allows us to have two shifts of officers.  This means that each area will now have more targeted policing and residents will have an identifiable point of contact for any community issues.


This change enables us to fully embrace the notion of Problem Oriented Policing, which will allow us to provide long-term solutions to the problems that we face.  These solutions will involve our partner agencies and the public, without whom we could not possibly succeed.


As part of these changes, we have identified that there was a need for us to improve our engagement with the community.  We have embarked upon a new programme whereby officers identify local community meetings along with other opportunities to meet with residents and support local events.  If anyone has any event at which they would like our support, please do not hesitate to make contact with either PS 1447 BACK or myself.   We will do all we can.

We are also trying to make the most of social media in keeping the public informed. 


We are more responsive to community concerns and proactive in our approach than ever before.  This has been evidenced in the work that has been undertaken in and around Charnwood Road. The area is patrolled robustly, with results posted on social media.  To try to find the long-term solutions I previously mentioned we have looked to work alongside other agencies: British Transport Police, Network Rail and the local authority to name but 3.

Because of this work, some of the main protagonists have been identified and work in ongoing to prevent a continuation of these issues.  Community Officers have undertaken the majority of this problem solving work.  They should be congratulated for their efforts.


The Community Officers’ engagement with the public seems to be going from straight to strength.  They continue with the delivery of essential First Aid skills in local schools and support other programmes designed at giving young people life skills and qualifications that will benefit them in the future. 

I was fortunate enough to attend the awards day at one such programme, Policesol.  The young people in this group had all been successful in completing the course, with many looking to go on and gain further qualifications.  The dedication of the staff was nothing short of inspirational and this programme deserves our continued support. 



The Neighbourhood Policing Team are as proactive as ever.  The team, led by PS 1447 BACK, continue to execute drugs warrants almost on a daily basis.  In recent weeks, they have seized in excess of £30,000 and several kilos of Class A drugs.  Seizures of this kind are impressive by anyone’s standards.


They are also taking the lead in problem solving and are spearheading a number of operations around the section in relation to drug dealing, ASB and burglaries.


We are also fortunate to have the Mutual Gain Programme in the area.  This is an innovative and exciting programme designed to engage the community and support them in any schemes, which will benefit the local area.

It is part of the overarching Serious and Organised Crime strategy that is being undertaken in the force.


At present, as part of this programme, we are at the bidding phase for the Participatory Budget scheme; individuals or groups can apply for grants in order to execute schemes that are of benefit to the local community.


This week also saw the Launch of Operation Harley.  This is an Operation designed to target anti-social use of motorbikes and scooters.  In developing this, we examined previous work by other forces and identified areas of good practise.

We decided that a Newport-wide co-ordinated approach, using partner agencies would give us the best chance for success.


It was also the first meeting that was held with regard to the Heddlu Bach, Mini-Police.  I have just taken over as the lead for this scheme and am excited at how it can develop in the future.

The meeting was extremely productive and I am sure with the experience and enthusiasm of all those present the scheme can go from strength to strength.



There have been similar changes on the patrol side of policing also.  We have unfortunately lost PS 622 DAVIES and PS 919 CARRINGTON.  Both have been seconded to the Custody Unit and their gain is most certainly our loss.  I wish them all the best and hope to work with them again in the future.

In replacement PS 953 OLDHAM and PS 298 MELEN, both of whom have hit the ground running, have joined us.  The positive impact that both officers have had on their shifts has been immediate and I am confident that the section is moving in the right direction.  These officers compliment the excellent supervisory team of PS 1835 MCCARTHY, PS 549 MYSON, PS 2023 O’BRIEN and PS 1118 FERNQUEST.


The demands of patrol policing are significant and I am in awe of their adaptability and their continued professionalism.  Newport East is one of the busiest sections in the force with call demand consistently high.  I have taken steps to try to embed a proactive approach to patrol policing.

Officers have been included in the problem-solving model and tasked to hotspots, ensuring that they are utilising mobile data as efficiently as possible. 


Officers have dealt with traditional police calls, making some notable arrests relating to high-risk domestic incidents, and some less traditional.

PC 674 FRASER found herself at the Royal Gwent Hospital with a baby being delivered in the back of a taxi!


 Proof, if ever it was needed, that you never know what the shift brings.


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Inspector Martin Cawley