Inspector Martin Cawley

Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, Martin Cawley, who covers the Alway and Maindee area

Following my appointment as Geographical Inspector and a busy summer, I finally have the opportunity to introduce myself.

I have been a police officer for almost 19 years, all of it in Gwent.  I began my career in Newport Central, before moving around a variety of departments, including the Force Support Group and Area Support Unit.  I have also worked on the Operational Training Unit and in Monmouthshire as a shift supervisor.

I am a Public Order Tactical Advisor, Public Order and TASER trainer, Search co-ordinator and have been trained in advanced driving, advanced method of entry and TASER, to name but a few.

In my time in Gwent, my experience has been wide ranging, from local, regional and even International events.  I have been involved in policing the Ryder Cup, NATO, the Olympics, G7 and G8 conferences, the Champions League Final, Presidential visits and other mutual aid deployments which has seen me deployed throughout the United Kingdom.

I am hoping that I will be able to use some of this experience and skills that I have learned to benefit me in my new role.

My last posting prior to this was that of Sergeant at Maindee Police Station which has given me an excellent understanding of the demands of the local area, this has been helped by my local knowledge (being born and bred in Newport). 

I was sad to be leaving my shift behind but excited at the challenges that the new role will bring.

I am under no illusions as to the challenges that the role provides me with and am aware that I have big shoes to fill.  Chief Inspector Sarah Davies left the section in an excellent position, leaving behind excellent Neighourhood and Patrol policing teams.  She will be sorely missed.

Throughout the summer, the Neighbourhood Policing Team led by PS 1447 BACK, supported by Patrol officers and the Area Support Unit, have done some excellent work in and around Black Ash Park, which culminated in the Reclaim the Park event.  Their work has resulted in a significant reduction of crime and incidents of anti-social behaviour in the area.  The event itself was a huge success, with a large number of residents making use of the park throughout the day despite the terrible weather, gaining some National press coverage.

I must give a huge thank you to all of the partner agencies for helping make the event possible but more importantly for the support of the public.  Without their support we would not have been as effective as we were in tackling the criminality and anti-social behaviour that prevented the park being used as it was intended. 

This an ongoing commitment for us as a service and we will work with other agencies and the public to ensure that the park remains a place that is safe and accessible to all.

It would not have escaped your attention that motorbikes and mopeds have continually been causing a blight on our communities, with almost every ward reporting problems throughout the summer.  PS 1447 Back and his team have shown on numerous occasions that if they are provided with the appropriate information, then they will take decisive action.

This is a problem which causes us significant challenges for a variety of reasons, but one which we are committed to trying to resolve. 

We are looking at a variety of ways to try to combat this and are proactive in terms of enforcing seizures wherever we can.

Whilst this is still an ongoing problem, with the support of the public, reported incidents have dropped.

There has recently been an increase in reports of anti-social behaviour in and around the St Julians and Old Barn areas. We are aware of these issues and are taking measures to address them.  I will endeavour to update you as to our progress with this problem in my next blog.

If you are experiencing any problems with any of the issues raised above, or you have information about any persons involved in anti-social behaviour or criminal activity, please contact us on 101 or via the contact details on the website.

For daily updates, follow my teams on Twitter @gpalway @gpmaindee

You can also email me any policing issues in your community [email protected]

Inspector Martin Cawley