Special Inspector Kyle Brown

Your latest Blog from your East Special Inspector, Kyle Brown, who covers the Newport & Monmouthshire areas

Well what a busy few months it has been! In the East and as a Special Constabulary we have covered a huge amount which makes it all the more impressive when you have such a small team of volunteers. I’ll try and summarise as much as possible…

Across the force we have played a big part in supporting a number of operations/events. Some that stick out for me and will for some time are: an Operation run by Newport Central neighbourhood officers tackling bikes on the town centre, who intended to cause anti-social behaviour and a further operation working with Ystrad Mynach and a number of other teams where we executed several warrants on properties. Thank you SC Casley, S/Sgt Noyes, SC Joyce and SC Hemley for their hard work. 

Colour Clash also came to Tredegar Park, Newport, a busy music festival where festival goers are given dry paint. Unfortunately, there were a few difficult incidents that occurred and I am very grateful for the support the team put into dealing with these in such a dynamic environment. S/Sgt Brooks, SC Leonard, SC Chapman, SC Casley – well done, your skills and experience made these incidents easier for us all to manage.

He will tell me I shouldn’t have, but I feel I have to applaud my colleague and friend S/Sgt Brooks. Only at the start of the year he was promoted to Sergeant, since then he has not only kept up the amount of fantastic work on Newport town with the Neighbourhood team, but he has taken a massive weight off my shoulders. Knowing I have someone alongside me to support a growing team over 2018/19 has made the leadership role far easier. I thought I’d share a great picture I took of him in Friars Walk some months ago when we welcomed the French Rugby fans through the town.

I have been to some really exciting inputs the last few months, one of which was Team Gwent. This is a session where all the managers across the frontline get together every couple of months for some form of presentation or training. In this instance, it was an interesting gentleman called Paul McGee who has been around the world taking about mental health.  He spoke about how to pick yourself up from events that occur throughout your life as a person and as a police officer dealing with plenty of decisions that impact on other people’s lives. Thank you Paul, I certainly took a lot away from this.

I was very privileged to be nominated and awarded with my fellow Inspector on the West the Commandant’s Cup. Many thanks to Special Chief Inspector Owen, Chief Officer Chapman and the Chief Officer team for believing in and recognising the work S/Insp Mclaughlin and myself have put into the Special Constabulary since our appointment as Inspectors. I have shared a photo of the moment we received this award.

One event that creates a buzz and I know a lot of us are looking forward to in August, is Pride Cymru. Growing in size and popularity, Pride Cymru will take place in the South Wales Police area. Like last year, Gwent Specials and other forces across the UK will be travelling to Cardiff to work together to support this event. South Wales Specials this is a shout out, we look forward to joining you again to undertake a role we all love doing!

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S/Inspector Kyle Brown