Halloween & Bonfire Night 2020

Halloween will be a little different this year.

The latest COVID-19 regulations mean we can’t host many of our traditional activities – such as community pumpkin carving events and spooky station visits – but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Halloween from the comfort and safety of your home. 

We’ve produced a variety of posters and activity packs for you to make the most of spooky season.

It’s an exciting time of the year for many zombies, witches and ghosts, but we’d like to remind everybody that not everyone sees the fun and, in accordance with Welsh Government’s latest guidance, people should not be out trick-or-treating. (We’ll need to look at the latest WG announcement and see how it works in practicality.)

So, please look out for your community and be considerate of your neighbours this Halloween.

If you’d like to remind those in your community that you’re staying safe at home and would prefer not to be disturbed, we have a ‘no callers please’ poster that you can download, print off and display in your window.

Again we’re asking shopkeepers to be alert to people purchasing items that are historically used to cause damage and anti-social behaviour, namely eggs and flour. 

You can download our ‘cracking down on anti-social behaviour’ poster and display it in their stores over the coming weeks.

We’ve also created a ‘#PicYourPumpkin’ activity pack and are asking you to share photos of your pumpkins with us on social media.

And as Bonfire Night approaches, we also have a range of printable resources to remind people about the dangers of misusing fireworks. 

If you’ve got pets at home that are frightened by loud noises, you might find our ‘fireworks can scare pets’ poster useful.

“Who you gonna call?” 

If anyone has any concerns or believe a criminal offence is being committed, please call 101 or dial 999 in an emergency.