Not everyone sees the fun

Campaign: Not everyone sees the fun

Launch Date: October 2018

Hello trick or treaters! It's that time of year again when tombs creak, black cats prowl, pumpkins gleam and witches take flight...

Halloween is a 'fang-tastic' and exciting time for many but it's often a busy one for us, with approximately 740 calls into our force control room last year on the night of the 31st October, with most calls relating to crime, public safety and anti-social behaviour.

Please be aware that not everyone sees the fun...for some, this frightful night where things go bump in the night can cause a great deal of upset and distress. We ask those out and about trick or treating to please consider others. If you see a 'no callers' sign please don't stop by. It's also worth remembering some costumes and late night knocks at the door can be really quite frightening to the vulnerable members of our communities.

We're working with shopkeepers, by asking them to be alert to anyone purchasing items that have historically been used to cause damage and anti-social behaviour, such as eggs and flour.

Eggs have many uses and throwing them isn't one, we will be treating this as criminal damage and those caught will be prosecuted and could face a criminal record.

We're also asking parents to make sure their children do not go out alone, stick to well-lit areas and only knock on doors of people they know.

On that note we 'witch' everyone out celebrating Halloween this year a night full of frights and a bag full of delights, and ask you all to stay safe and on the right side of the law.

If anyone has any concerns or believe a criminal offence is being committed please call 101 or in an emergency always dial 999.

If you'd like a copy of our 'No Callers' poster you can download your copy to print below.

This year we teamed up with the University of South Wales and their BA Graphic Communications students to help us design our artwork including Facebook and Twitter graphics and 'no callers' posters. The lucky winner was Ken Rees who's done a fantastic job don't you think...

Remember folks, if you got it 'HAUNT' it!


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