Gwent Police celebrates stay-at-home heroes with release of activity book

To support those that are at home, looking after children, Gwent Police has released a new activity book

The force’s activity pack comes as a thank you to all Gwent parents and children that have helped emergency services by staying home recently.

A range of fun colouring-in activities, word searches and Sudoku puzzles make up the pack, which star Gwent police officers, community support officers and dog handlers!

But Gwent Police don’t want the creativity to stop there.

They’re asking their young stay-at-home helpers to use the pack’s templates and upload their creations to social media. 

Deputy Chief Constable Amanda Blakeman said: 

“Our communities are saving lives by staying at home, observing the social distancing rules and only going out for the specified reasons - by staying at home we can better tackle this health crisis. For our younger community members, staying in the house and not going out to see friends has been really challenging.

“We have seen the work of our talented young people in the many rainbows in windows across Gwent on our patrols, which have brightened the days of our officers, so I hope this pack can inspire some more uplifting artwork that can be displayed and boost the morale of our communities.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing your creations on social media in the coming days.”  

Parents can download the pack online, or get one sent to them by their local primary school. 

Parents can then direct message their children’s work (or take a picture if it helps), tag @gwentpolice in a tweet or email them direct at [email protected].

Your entries may be published online, so please be careful only to send in what you are happy for others to see. If you wish, please include a first name, age and location.