Gwent Police - First police force to use virtual reality in police officer training

Gwent Police is the first force to use such technology during routine officer training and the virtual reality ‘cave’ is being used to deliver two animated scenarios, both related to domestic abuse.

Gwent Police began using virtual reality for the first time last month to support the development of officer’s decision making and safeguarding skills when dealing with domestic violence.

The ‘cave’ surrounds the officers in a virtual reality environment which provides an enhanced training experience in a way not possible through traditional techniques.

The training session focusses on developing skills to identify controlling and coercive behaviour. Following the session, officers and members of the Domestic Abuse Coordination Team discuss safeguarding implications directly linked to the scenario attempted.

Gwent Police intends to expand the use of this technology in police officer training by developing more scenarios for general policing and for specific departments across the force.