Officer dismissed after gross misconduct and misconduct allegations proven at hearing

An officer has been dismissed from Gwent Police following a public misconduct hearing held at Gwent Police’s headquarters in Cwmbran.

The officer, known as ‘Officer A’, appeared at the hearing held between Monday 6 July and Thursday 9 July, following an investigation by Gwent Police’s professional standards department (PSD).

The independent legally qualified chair of the panel placed an anonymity order on the officer, preventing the publication of identifying details pertaining to the officer.

Following the four-day hearing, the panel found that three allegations against the officer’s behaviour for gross misconduct and misconduct were proven by breaching the force’s standards of professional behaviour.

The panel found that allegations in relation to lying about the creation of a report and lying to and misleading their supervisor about the report were proved as gross misconduct with the officer acting dishonestly and without integrity.

The panel also found that an allegation in relation to driving a vehicle without insurance, an in-date MOT certificate and without vehicle excise license was proved as misconduct as the officer brought discredit to the force and undermining public confidence in the police.

Another allegation was proved as misconduct after the officer abandoning a vehicle in a church car park for around eight weeks without consent or leaving contact details causing an obstruction and inconvenience to legitimate car park users.

This was ruled as bringing discredit to the force and undermining public confidence in the police.

A final allegation where the officer produced their warrant card to another Gwent Police officer to influence the officer’s actions after being stopped was not proven.

Following the decision of the panel, the officer was dismissed from the office without notice.

Pam Kelly, Gwent Police’s chief constable, said:

“I expect all of our officers and staff to act in accordance with Gwent Police’s standards of professional behaviour. Anyone who does not adhere to these standards should expect to be held accountable.

“There is no place in Gwent Police for those who act dishonestly and without integrity, nor those who bring discredit to the force and undermine public confidence in the police.

“The behaviour of this officer fell below the standards we in Gwent Police expect of our officers and staff members.

“This behaviour also fell below the standards our communities expect from us and the public deserve far better from those who protect and reassure them.

“The vast majority of our employees demonstrate the highest level of professional conduct at all times and work tirelessly to serve our communities with honesty and integrity.”

The officer’s details will now be added to the College of Policing barred list, preventing the officer from returning to any role in policing in the future.