Unlicensed Music Events in Gwent

Over the last couple of weekends, we have received a number of reports in relation to planned unlicensed music events (raves) in our area. Ahead of what is due to be another weekend of good weather, we are asking the community to come forward if they have any information relating to these events.

Raves are where large groups of people set up a music system at undisclosed locations to play loud music for an extended period of time. They can often turn anti-social with disruptions to local residents, with the possibility of criminal damage and substance misuse taking place.

Organising an unlicensed event, such as a so-called ‘rave’, is an offence and while we do not want to stop anyone enjoying themselves - we will take robust action and do have the powers to seize equipment and prosecute organisers.

Anyone, who wishes to hold a music event, should obtain a regulated entertainment licence from the relevant local authority. 

We are aware that social networking has made it easier for organisers to spread the word of events and numbers attending could quickly grow.

It is vital that we obtain information and intelligence at the earliest opportunity. Timely information about suspicious activity or plans to hold an unlicensed event enables us plan ahead and take swift effective action. 

We understand the level of disruption these events can cause and ask residents to look out for signs that a nearby location may be a potential spot, such as:

• Posters or messages on social media advertising a ‘rave’
• Locks and chains on fields and private land being cut or tampered with
• Unusual traffic activity - i.e. large convoys of cars on quieter/rural roads
• Sound equipment and marquees or tents being set up
• Power generators being hired and bought onto land/rural locations
• Flattened or disturbed hedgerows
• Loud music and sound checks in locations where this would not be expected

If you notice any of these signs, or any other unusual activity, please notify us as soon as possible by calling 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Alternatively, you can send a direct message to our Gwent Police Facebook or Twitter social media accounts.