Victim Focus Group – we want to hear your views

We want to hear your views and experiences of being a victim of crime and how we can continue to keep people safe from harm.

Gwent Police in partnership with Connect Gwent, the victims’ hub, would like to invite you to an event to share experiences and improve the service we offer to victims of crime.

Liz Lowther, survivor engagement coordinator, said: “We are committed to a victim-centred approach and want you to have your say in shaping our service. We want to offer the best possible service to all victims of crime and I would encourage anyone interested in attending to get in contact with me for more information about the event.”

Topics we would like to hear your views on include:
• What were your expectations about how you would be treated by Gwent Police?
• Did the service you received meet these expectations?
• Did you receive the information from Gwent Police that you needed?
• Was the information provided in a way that you understood?
• Were you informed of the steps the police would take following the crime being reported?
• Do you feel your needs were taken into account?
• Were you offered the support you needed?

If you are interested in attending the event on March 10, please contact Liz Lowther, survivor engagement coordinator, on 0300 1232133 to book your place or email [email protected]

It is important that you are aware we will not be able to talk about the details of your specific crime due to confidentiality issues and the officer who dealt with your offence will not be attending. Although we will be able to point you in the right direction if you do have any specific questions about your case.