Meet Us

Having a representative workforce is central for building confidence in policing amongst the communities we serve. Gwent Police has some way to go to truly achieve this and we strive to be an employer of choice for everyone.

We encourage applications from all sections of the community to reflect the diversity of the people we serve.

With over 1,200 servicing Officers, 528 Police staff and 131 Community Support Officers, we have opportunities for everyone.

Read on to discover how people feel about working for Gwent Police...

Meet PC Andrew Dabinette

How long have you been a Police Officer?

"I have been with the Police for 13 and a half years."

What's your role?

"My current role is Ward Manager for Newport West Neighbourhood Team, covering Pill and the Gaer."

What does that involve?

"Every day is different - one day I could be dealing with anti-social behaviour or a neighbourhood dispute and the next day I could be dealing with shoplifters or people handling stolen goods. It's great getting to meet people in the community and I get a lot of job satisfaction knowing that I am helping people in their hour of need."

What's your favourite part of the job?

"Catching the bad guys, particularly drug dealers! I am extremely proactive and I'm always out and about looking for anyone who's up to no good. I seem to have a sixth sense for it! Over the last 12 months, I have put quite a few drug dealers in prison, for offences ranging from cannabis cultivation to the supply of heroin and crack cocaine and when they're safely locked up behind bars, I make sure that all the money they've made from their crimes is taken too. I absolutely love coming to work and getting out on the streets. I love the buzz of the chase, especially when I catch the bad guys!"

Meet Oliver Loder, Communications Suite Operator

How long have you worked for Gwent Police and what does your role entail?

“I have worked for Gwent Police for over 12 years. As first point of contact for the public, my role entails offering advice, taking details and recording crimes, liaising with other agencies and reassuring the public.”

What kind of things do you deal with on a day-to-day basis?

“I deal with calls from members of the public who are looking for advice and help on a wide range of subjects from civil disputes through to serious crimes. I record crimes at first point of contact, create logs to be allocated to Officers and answer enquiries that come in on our Facebook Page.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“This role offers a huge amount of job satisfaction, it’s great to feel that you have made a difference to people’s lives. I love the fact that it’s not a regular 9-5 job.”

Meet PC Andrew North & Police Dog Noah

How long have you been a Police Officer?

"I have been a Police Officer for 16 years"

What's your role?

"I am a Dog Handler and can be deployed Forcewide. I have two operational dogs, Noah, a German Shepard (pictured), who is a general purpose dog and Eddie, a Labrador/Springer Spaniel cross"

What does that involve?

"The role of a Dog Handler is extremely varied. My dog and I could be tasked to work alongside a firearms team at one incident and then search for a missing person at the next. I am also regularly deployed to apprehend offenders who have made off from the scene of a crime. I also handle a drugs dog, which means that I often assist officers at warrants, and conduct stop searches on vehicles suspected of carrying drugs."

"Away from front line duties I am responsible for the health and welfare of my dogs. They also need constant training to maintain the skill level required to be deployed operationally. The role is very physical and requires a huge amount of commitment. It is, however, very rewarding."

What's your favourite part of the job?

"We train very hard with the dogs to ensure they are ready to respond to operational incidents. It therefore gives me a huge amount of satisfaction when that training is implemented in a real life scenario, resulting in a positive outcome."

Meet DC Emma Coopey

How long have you been a Police Officer?

"I have been a Police Officer for just over 13 years. I spent 3 years of my service as a Uniform Response Officer and then 10 years as a Detective."

What's your role?

"I'm currently a Detective in the Public Protection Unit in Newport Central. Within the department we investigate serious crime against the most vulnerable members of the community. These investigations relate to child sexual exploitation, domestic violence, familial offences against children, vulnerable adults and honour based violence."

What does that involve?

"The role is very varied. It is emotionally demanding but can also be very rewarding. By working with multi-agencies we are able to manage risks, safeguard victims and tailor the investigation to the specific needs of the victim and witnesses. I regularly plan and conduct interviews with vulnerable victims and witnesses and also arrest and interview suspects. The investigations we encounter require analytical thinking, having to consider forensics, the use of social media and examinations of computers and phones which are often used by offenders to commit crime. You need to be able to be a good listener and although some investigations can be upsetting, you need to be able to remain professional to ensure you provide the best service."

What's your favourite part of the job?

"The best thing about my job is knowing you have assisted in preventing the victim from suffering from any further abuse. Every day is different and every day you are faced with new challenges but there is no better job satisfaction than knowing you have helped in making a difference to someone's life."