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Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, Andy O'Keefe, who covers the Bargoed, Rhymney and Ystrad Mynach areas

Well the sun has been out and with that brings an increase in reports of Anti-Social Behaviour, I fully accept that not all young people the cause and it is only a minority; you just have to look at the example that the Mini Police and Police Cadets set, showing the respect and commitment to their communities as a whole. Also, it is not just young people who are responsible for this behaviour. The main issues we tend to have reported are groups congregating in certain areas and some ‘Car Cruisers’ driving irresponsibly or congregating in areas that they shouldn’t.

My staff will continue to deal with calls of this nature, which may result in parents or guardians contacted by Officers. I would ask for your support in discouraging bad behaviour and reminding all of the need for respect for others.  

Ystrad Mynach

My officers continue to work to tackle the main problems that you are telling them about.

Anti-social behaviour in the town, park and the river-bridge by Coopers Pub continue to be targeted areas for patrols. High visibility patrols have continued in the town centre resulting in 18 anti-social behaviour referrals during January and February being submitted for youths caught in the area of wheelie bin fires.

Surveys and call monitoring have taken place with regards to the manner of driving of vehicles in Tesco car park and along Pengam Road after a few complaints from local residents. My Officers, supported by our colleagues in our Area Support Unit, are going to be patrolling the area and addressing any anti-social driving and vehicle defects.

Rhymney Wards (incorporating New Tredegar)

Off-Road bikes continue to be a problem and we will continue to report offenders by issuing Sec59 Notices and also seizing the bikes.

We are also still experiencing ongoing issues regarding Anti-Social Behaviour, in particular along the Tir-Phil and James Street areas. One main individual has been identified and is now on a curfew and should be at their home address during the evening through to the morning. Officers will continue to monitor this to ensure compliance.

Along with Sergeant Emma Sowrey, I had the pleasure of attending Phillipstown Primary to have a meeting with the Heddlu Bach (Mini Police) regarding the issues in their area. They are a credit to the school, the community and their families. Some really good questions were put to us and there are exciting plans ahead to benefit the community.

The recent “CAN-DO” event in Phillipstown was a great engagement opportunity with a number of agencies throughout the week. The conversations residents had with my staff have been fed back and will help me in planning Policing for the area going forward. Through engagement over the last year, both myself and my team I have looked at what we can do as the Police to better deal with the community issues; I am pleased to announce that a New Ward Manager has been appointed to the Rhymney Neighbourhood Team in addition to PC Broad. PC1480 David ‘Ricky’ Thomas will be based in New Tredegar Police Station along with CSO’s 218 James Godwin and 55 Richard Lewis. They are all experienced officers and will be targeting the Anti-Social Behaviour in the area and those responsible. New Tredegar & Phillipstown are for the residents; those who do not play by the rules will be held to account.

Bargoed Ward

Patrols continue in the Gilfach and the Park Estate in response to calls of off road bikes and quads being ridden in the area. Twitter messages were sent out requesting information regarding the riders of these bikes and I am please that the community are supporting us by responding with community intelligence. CSO’s attended the addresses and gave suitable advice to those concerned and a Section 59 Warning was issued to a man from Gilfach. If the individual or the bike are seen again the bike can be sized and the person prosecuted.

Morrison’s continues to be an issue with youths gathering in the lower car park. I have authorised several Dispersal Orders over the past few weekends to help us deal with removing the youths from the area. Patrols will continue as further damage has been caused to lighting and the building; also we will be supporting Morrison’s staff to move ‘Car Cruisers’ who congregate in the car park. A notice has now been placed by supermarket management to inform customers that the barriers will be closed at 11pm. Longer term I have held a meeting with the supermarket’s Manager, the Local Authority ASB Co-Ordinator, Emily, and my team to discuss further action to deter this behaviour. Morrison’s have been very supportive and are looking at what they can do to support the community.

Before I go just to remind residents that as from Monday 8th April the Local Authority will be taking over responsibility for parking enforcement. You will have seen the new double yellow lines being put-down, this will ensure that offences are enforceable. Please be mindful of this and park sensibly and legally.

You can follow the Mini Police work on Twitter @PFPSHeddluBach 

Thank you for taking the time to read this month’s blog - I will be back next month.

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Inspector Andy O'Keefe