Inspector Steve Drayton

Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, Steve Drayton, who covers the Blackwood and Risca areas

Welcome to my summer blog. Hope you've been enjoying all the fine weather we've been having and are staying safe in the heat.  Unfortunately, with the great weather has come some issues for us and the Fire Service with grass fires. You will have seen in the news the fires on Twmbarlwm and at Cwmcarn Scenic Drive.  We have been busy working with the Fire Service and our joint patrols will continue.  Please refrain from lighting any fires in the countryside, even if controlled. 

We welcome a new member to the team; PS Kim Broad joins us as a Neighbourhood Sergeant. (pictured) 

My Community Support Officers have been out engaging with schools and community groups. The school football and netball tournaments last month were a great success and a great opportunity for us to meet young people in the area. We are always looking for new groups to meet with, the team has been at kick boxing classes in Oakdale, art classes in Pontllanfriath and an afternoon tea in Markham. It is important for us to get to know the community and listen to your concerns.  If you would like a visit from the Team, please get in touch. 

We have been tackling 'Your Voice' priorities for the section and if you follow our twitter accounts @gpblackwood and @gpriscateam you can see some of the activity around parking, uninsured vehicles and speeding. All of which are concerns raised by you, which we are working to address. 

A priority for the Team is to look after the most vulnerable members of our community, such as victims of domestic abuse. We had one case recently which resulted in a 42 year old man receiving a four year sentence for breach of a restraining order. This goes to show how serious not only my Team, but also the Courts take domestic abuse. 

We are also continuing to tackle organised criminality in the community and working with our partners in the local authority, Environmental Health and Registered Social Landlords to identify and disrupt these groups. If you know of people living beyond their means and believe they are profiting from crime, please get in touch or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

Thefts from gardens continue at this time of year, so please remember to make life difficult for thieves. Don't leave items on show and remember to lock doors. In my last blog I mentioned high value bike thefts. I'm pleased to report that some arrests were made and bikes recovered.  Enquiries are currently ongoing. 

The Blackwood and Risca Crime Prevention Panel, a group of community volunteers, kindly donated money so the Neighbourhood Team can run pop up skate parks for youths throughout the summer. Some dates and locations are still available.  You can find further details on our Twitter accounts. 

We also provide the opportunity for the public to come out with us for a 'ride along'. I would encourage you to apply online and have a look first hand at some of the good work the team does. 

For daily updates you can follow me on @gpinspsdrayton, and my teams on Twitter @gpblackwood @gpriscateam 

You can also email me any policing issues in your community [email protected]

Inspector Steve Drayton