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Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, Neil Jones, who covers the Caldicot and Chepstow area

This month I've decided to hand over the honour of writing your monthly update to two of my neighbourhood officers for Monmouthshire South, PC Craig Toogood and PC Gareth Bellew-Hodges. Wish them luck!

"We are part of the neighbourhood support team covering Monmouthshire South. We are one of 5 teams who provide 24/7, 365 days policing cover. We are the response officers who will be first on the scene to attend any incident reported to the police.

As we deal with anything and everything that gets called in, our duties are varied and we always say no two days are the same. If you would like to see how it all works we do operate a ride along scheme, follow the link below for more information:

We are continuing to tackle anti-social behaviour in a number of ways. We have issued several warnings for driving in an anti-social manner, in and around the town centre of Chepstow. We are all aware of how many residential properties are in the town centre and we are focused on eradicating this issue. Anyone caught driving in this manner can expect a section 59 warning, which lasts for a period of 12 months and can result in driver having their car seized and in some cases driving licenses withdrawn. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to also stick to the speed limits regardless of the time of day. Pedestrians and other road users are around at all times of the day and night, it is no excuse to speed and break the law because you think no one is around. Due to the time of year, it is still getting dark early and all drivers should be aware of the road and weather conditions and ensure their manner of driving reflects this.

We have also spoken to many youths who gather in pockets through the area, and continue to educate them about the number of residential properties and noise levels.

We are also working with all our teams to clamp down on burglaries, both commercial and residential. In particular it would appear to be Caldicot and Magor who have been hardest hit recently. Please can we ask you all to be vigilant and if you see anything suspicious, no matter how insignificant it may seem, please report it.

Shoplifting across the area is also a continuing challenge and one we are focused on resolving. We communicate regularly with our retail outlets and are always working with them to resolve these issues and bring offenders to justice. Just one thing of note: It is really important that we don't underestimate the value of CCTV and how imperative this is both in identifying the offender and securing a prosecution. It really is a case of 'the camera never lies' and I urge you all to secure CCTV the minute you ring us so we can seize it as evidence.

Recently, officers in Chepstow have arrested a man and a women on suspicion of over 30 shoplifting offences. This was the result of good use of in store CCTV with our CSO's working hard to obtain the footage each time. The two suspects have received prison sentences and fines for their offences.

Officers have been conducted high visibility patrols in the Middle Way area of Bulwark in efforts to reduce issues we have been experiencing in these areas. It is important that we listen to residents and increase our efforts to ensure our communities feel listened to. We take issues such as these seriously and will maintain our patrols in this area.

The party season might be over but this doesn't mean it's not important to emphasise once again the dangers of drink driving. This month a man was arrested on suspicion of being twice over the legal alcohol limit. He was taken to custody and charged with the offence. It is never worth it to risk drink driving.

Your continued support is appreciated..."

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Inspector Neil Jones