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Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, John Davies, who covers the central Newport area

As we start into March, the Spring and the better weather, planning for how we are going to deal with the increase in anti-social behaviour are never far from our minds.

PC Lewis Clarke has taken this mantel on for me this year. Some sustainable plans around moving officers to where we need them most have already paid dividends with a real downward trend in anti-social behaviour overall.

Some of this may seem pretty low level to people, but the youths on bikes, the large gatherings of people drinking on the street during the day, all contribute to the feeling the city centre it's a no go area. My theory has always been if you allow the smaller issues to build up to it will only get worse.

We actively target those who are causing the biggest problems within our communities. A 41-year-old man has been charged and remanded into custody following a disorder on the High Street, he will be due before the courts in due course.  We will not tolerate this behaviour, and my team really get that making the city feel safer for people is a priority.

I guess that brings me onto some of the frustrations I know people feel around parking. I understand these issues and we will continue to deal with any problems as they arise. We are working with our partners within the local authority to ensure there is a sustained long-term holistic approach.

Our three probationers go on independent patrol this week and in another week, I am lucky enough to have secured another three. I hope this is seen as a commitment to the investment being made into protecting the city centre.

PC's Dunne, Lowe and Grant join us before the end of March and bolster our teams further to allow us to make the city centre feel even safer.

Two more big home games for Newport County in the league this year will see an increased police presence in the city centre, this is purely to make sure we welcome our visitors and everyone has a safe enjoyable day.

Happy to be contacted directly via my contact details below.

Stay safe and enjoy the longer days and the sunshine, Fingers crossed.

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Inspector John Davies