Inspector Jason Williams

Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, Jason Williams, who covers the Pill and Bettws area

We continue to be exceptionally busy in the west of Newport, often dealing with complex issues. Our teams have had a number of great results due to hard work, and are focusing on the issues most affecting our communities, sustained and assisted by great partnership working.

Both I and my teams are aware of the issues and crimes that most affect our communities. We continue to target areas of anti-social behaviour and use partner agencies to divert those causing the issues in other directions. We continue to execute warrants in Pill, Bettws, Maesglas and other areas, as well as using specifically planned operations to tackle these issues, further supported by officers from other areas of Gwent Police. We recently recovered a large amount of drugs and cash linked to drug supply – approximately 2 kilos – and arrested a number of people linked to those offences. We are continuing to target offenders who use and abuse exploited people, especially those trapped in sex work who have systematically been assaulted and abused. I have personally overseen an increase in officer presence throughout the wards, placing officers on foot at key times in an aim to thwart this continued behaviour. I have seen a drop in people who use areas that historically have caused the public and the police great concern. However, we will not stop our drive in these areas until the problems are resolved in a long term and sustainable way.

A significant part of our role is community engagement. Our Community Support Officers (CSOs) have continued their superb work at community events and activities. The value that they add to all our neighbourhood teams is immeasurable. They have continued to attend school assemblies, fetes and now, as the festive season approaches, they will be taking part in safeguarding our communities and giving safety advice alongside the Pill crime prevention panel. The Pill Action Days that have taken place in recent years will be used as a template to deliver similar days in other areas of Newport West. This will be overseen by a newly formed anti-social behaviour tasking group – a team of people from all sectors who will analyse where we need our resources from all partner agencies in delivering a safer Newport.  

Our great work continues across all sections of the West with great work from the ‘Youf Gang’ in Shaftesbury, who continue to raise money for charity alongside other partners as a shining example of team work. The neighbourhood teams have taken part in numerous operations right throughout Rogerstone, Gear, Marshfield and Peterstone, as well as carrying out community speed watch in areas blighted by inconsiderate and dangerous drivers, and targeting areas affected by inconsiderate parking.

The focus on the Possession with Intent to Supply Drugs continues to be a priority for me, as well as focusing on reassurance and support for the communities most affected by these activities. We are aware that we cannot accomplish all of the things we need to without working closely with partners, councillors and the community who support us through community speed watch, action days and supplying us with intelligence that allows us to build a better understanding of the issues and how they affect you.

Since my last blog we have issued scores of crime prevention warnings to people visiting areas where sex workers are believed to visit, with an aim to tackle the people exploiting these vulnerable girls, most of whom are assaulted, bullied and abused until they are forced to live this lifestyle. My team has developed into a dedicated resource to tackle this particular problem which not only affects areas in the west of Newport but right throughout our county. We will continue to target people who visit our most vulnerable areas and prey upon our most vulnerable people so that we can prevent further harm, protect the vulnerable and ensure people who visit these areas are there for the right reasons and not to commit crime or encourage crime.

As we approach Christmas I would urge you to stay safe, drink sensibly and if you are out shopping, leave valuables in your cars out of sight and locked away. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year – thank you for all the support you have given me and my team.

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Inspector Jason Williams