Caught and in Court

As part of the 'Justice Seen, Justice Done' campaign we aim to update you on what has happened to offenders who have appeared in court after committing crime in our communities.

Here you will find the details of some of the recent cases.

Ashan Ali

Age: 20

Address: Newport / Casnewydd

Conviction: Possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, Heroin and Crack Cocaine / Meddiant gyda’r bwriad o gyflenwi cyffuriau dosbarth A, Heroin a Chrac Cocên

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Janet Kemeys

Age: 54

Address: Cwmbran/Cwmbrân

Conviction: Wounding with intent/Clwyfo bwriadol

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Robin Kerr

Age: 39

Address: Newport/Aberdare/Casnewydd/Aberdâr

Conviction: Various drug offences (including possession with intent to supply – Class A, B, C)/Troseddau amrywiol yn ymwneud â chyffuriau (gan gynnwys meddiant gyda’r bwriad i gyflenwi – Dosbarth A, B, C)

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Neil Kidley

Age: 41

Address: Caerphilly/Caerffili

Conviction: Burglary with intent to steal and breach of previous order/Bwrgleriaeth gyda'r bwriad o ddwyn a thorri telerau gorchymyn blaenorol

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Carl Robert Price

Age: 41

Address: Caerphilly/Caerffili

Conviction: Criminal damage to property and possessing a knife blade/sharp pointed article in a public place./Difrod troseddol i eiddo bod â llafn cyllell/eitem â blaen miniog yn ei feddiant mewn man cyhoeddus.

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Akyme Brown

Age: 21

Address: No fixed abode, Newport / Heb gartref sefydlog, Casnewydd

Conviction: Possession with intent to supply a class A drug / Cario cyffuriau dosbarth A gyda'r bwriad o'u gwerthu

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Gareth John Bolton

Age: 46

Address: Swansea/Abertawe

Conviction: Order under Section 27 Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 for forfeiture/destruction/disposal of all drugs and paraphernalia/Gorchymyn o dan adran 27 o Ddeddf Camddefnyddio Cyffuriau 1971 i fforffedu/dinistrio/gwaredu pob cyffur a chyfarpar

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Carl Maloney

Age: 35

Address: Cardiff / Caerdydd

Conviction: Dwelling burglary // Bwrgleriaeth waethygedig, cartref

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