Thank you! #BritishVirginIslands

Last week, Chief Constable Julian Williams and Deputy Chief Constable Pam Kelly welcomed our officers back to Gwent Police after their four week deployment in the British Virgin Islands.

During the meeting, the officers shared stories from their time on the island, from the reality of visiting an island of devastation to the heart-warming stories of hope. Chief Constable Williams and Deputy Chief Constable Kelly also thanked the officers for volunteering their help and showing professional dedication that has no doubt helped the communities of The British Virgin Islands.

On Friday 20th October 2017, eight of our officers left Headquarters to travel to the British Virgin Islands to help with the disaster relief effort in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Seven police constables and a sergeant, joint twelve other Police Forces from across the United Kingdom to provide support to the local police there.

PS Carl Blanks along with PCs Iwan Adams, Chris Fairclough, Sian Baumber, Gareth McSherry, Steve Lloyd, Marianne Greening and Simon Dover all volunteered to help and were based on the Island for four weeks, assisting the local police officers who faced public order challenges but also worked tirelessly to engage with the communities, volunteering their help with local schools, helping the vulnerable and helping to restore and rebuild the island.

A HUGE thank you also to all family, friends and colleagues at Gwent Police who have helped raise several hundred pounds to go towards gifts that officers delivered to the children on The British Virgin Islands.

PC Sian Baumber explains: “Most families lost their homes and everything in them. They could only salvage what they could physically carry away with them to shelter. For most, their children have lost their toys, books and clothes but they continue to persevere through these hard times and are just happy to be alive and together. All donations were greatly appreciated – thank you everyone!”

All photos and updates can also be found on the Gwent Police Instagram account, just follow @gwentpolice.  Below is a video giving you an insight into the officers' experience.