What is the programme about?

The Heddlu Bach scheme is a fun and interactive volunteering programme delivered jointly by Gwent Police and schools, for children aged between 9 to 11 years old.

The Heddlu Bach supports the force priorities, via participation in both educational and community environments. The children involved will develop confidence through many enjoyable experiences.

Welcome from our Chief Constable

There are three elements to the Heddlu Bach:

  • Educational
  • Community engagement
  • Reward

Children and schools who become part of the programme help tackle local issues, highlighted by the children, in their own community, working alongside local Neighbourhood Policing Teams, on crime prevention initiatives and taking ownership of the tasks.

The programme will aim to create ethically informed citizens of Wales, through creativeness and learning. We will build resilience in young people, and develop a successful and exciting future for young people through collaboration with communities and the police.

Heddlu Bach aims to work with all young people to promote and deliver on:

  • inspiring trust and confidence within communities
  • helping to protect communities and the vulnerable
  • communicate to reassure communities
  • working in collaboration with communities and external partners
  • target young people with early intervention
  • educate young people about work that the police and partner agencies do

Your NXT GEN Officers are your key connectors between your school and the police. They will be working with you on local community projects and aiding you in rewarding the young people. Building and developing strong relationships with your Neighbourhood Policing Teams is vital in becoming a successful Heddlu Bach.

Welcome to the start of your journey!

Explore our Heddlu Bach handbook...

Your local officers

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