The school hosting the programme is the driver of the scheme, and the amount of energy and drive is paramount in creating a fun and interactive experience for your children.

Here is a step-by-step guide for your initial set up of your schools Heddlu Bach:

  1. Link in with your local NXT GEN Officers, get them to visit your school and give a talk about the scheme.
  2. Issue application forms to children and give them a week to return them.
  3. Conduct interviews with teachers, governors, police and any other partner agencies who may want to be involved.
  4. Arrange a launch in your school with local NPT & NXT GEN Officers. Invite parents to see their children be issued their uniform and formally take their oath.

Quick hints and tips

You need to maintain links with your NXT GEN Officers and local NPTs to progress your scheme.

Your Heddlu Bach can wear their uniforms when partaking in any activity you feel would benefit the children. You do not have to have a police presence for the uniforms to be worn.

Collaborating in the community with partner agencies is key to tackling all kinds of community issues. You will need to work with your NPT to progress local projects. Previous projects include:

  • Parking outside schools
  • Crime prevention awareness
  • Speeding / speed monitoring
  • Antisocial behaviour awareness
  • Damage and littering in the community
  • Team building between pupils
  • Intergenerational work with Ffrind I Mi
  • Learning first aid

If your Heddlu Bach wish to learn about a new topic, the NXT GEN Officers will be your link in delivering these topics and assisting with appropriate information.

Introducing young people to intergenerational networks will build bridges between generations. We have found that many local community centres, hospitals and care homes are always welcoming to young children visiting their patients and facilities. You can contact them and start engaging.

Your Heddlu Bach scheme will benefit from maximum exposure.

We encourage your school to share your schemes fantastic work on Social Media. Some schools have set up individual accounts, for example:

  • Wattsville Primary School could create a Twitter account called @WPHeddlubach.
  • This is similar to Blaenavon Heritage VC School and Fochriw and Phillipstown Primary Schools, who use @BHVCHeddluBach and @PFPSHeddlubach on Twitter.

Downloads to get you started

Explore our Heddlu Bach handbook...

Your local officers

For more information local policing in your area and to find out who your local Police Officers and Community Support Officers are, click here.