The Core Curriculum at a glance

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Ambitious, capable learners

Problem solving

The Heddlu Bach will work with local Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPT) in the school environment, as well as tacking local issues with partner agencies enabling the Heddlu Bach Officers to have opportunities to take on roles and responsibilities.

Communicate effectively

The Heddlu Bach will communicate in many different forms and settings, through engagement with Neighbourhood Policing Teams and partner agencies.


The Heddlu Bach are able to express creativeness through regular formal Heddlu Bach meetings elaborating on ideas and concepts, discussing them with colleagues.

Digital technology

The Heddlu Bach use all forms of digital technology creatively to communicate their role in the community. Some of the digital platforms explored are Videos, presentations and social media.

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Enterprising, Creative Contributors

Partnership working

The Heddlu Bach collaborate with partner agencies to apply knowledge and skills to create ideas, within the school environment and in the wider community.

Children’s voice

The Heddlu Bach take part in localised pupil voice meetings, allowing them to identify wider opportunities they can become involved in.


The Heddlu Bach use various team activities, to explore their new ideas, with officers identifying and taking on different roles effectively and responsibly incorporating TASC (Thinking Actively Social Context) in the curriculum.

Expressing ideas

The Heddlu Bach are able to express ideas and emotions though different tasks. Experiences such as videos, songs and entrepreneurial activities have previously been used to allow the children to express what they are feeling and thinking.

The Heddlu Bach officers give of their energy and skills so that other people benefit from the contribution they have made.

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Ethical, Informed Citizens

Children’s rights

The Heddlu Bach have work jointly with other school committees and partner agencies to engage with ‘The Rights of the Child’ exercising democratic rights and responsibilities.

Specific issues

The Heddlu Bach have used philosophy for children specific sessions, based upon contemporary issues both locally and globally.

School rules

The Heddlu Bach have aided in promoting localised schools rules along side developing social, emotion and positive relationships. They worked on campaigns to take these messaged to the wider communities.

Wider collaborations

The Heddlu Bach have twinned with wider communities with various diverse backgrounds, to understand their culture and background, through digital technology and social media.

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Healthy, Confident Individuals


The Heddlu Bach develop confidence, resilience and empathy through numerous tasks and campaigns, with positive out comes for mental and emotional wellbeing.


The Heddlu Bach work with the Police to develop and under standing around keeping safe and well. These topic vary from online safety, anti-bullying and personal safety.

Positive relationships

The Heddlu Bach hold strategic meetings with the local Police, this allows the children to develop positive relationships with the police, breaking down barriers and building on mutual trust and respect.


The Heddlu Bach develop confidence and language skills. This is developed though performing and engagement. The Heddlu Bach take part in launch assemblies, community engagement opportunities, formal events, visits from dignitaries and showcase work.


The Heddlu Bach will overcome lots of challenges, developing on leadership, team work, confidence, language and many more social action skills.

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