We’re committed to the safety of the public and the safety and wellbeing of all of our officers, staff and volunteers.

Throughout the pandemic we’ve developed an organisational risk assessment and put in place a number of measures to help keep the public, our officers and staff safe.

  • Since March, we’ve encouraged our employees to work from home wherever possible.
  • We have undertaken personal risk assessments for our vulnerable employees, including those who were shielding, those who have vulnerable family members at home and our BAME colleagues.
  • For those who cannot work from home due to the nature of their job, we have put in place a number of measures to help keep them safe. This has included a reduction in the number of workstations, so people sit at least 2 metres apart, and personal issue PPE for those who require it as determined by our risk assessment.
  • We have also provided laptops to those employees working from home to ensure that levels of service to the public are maintained. 
  • We have undertaken significant covid-secure installations and certification for all our buildings and joint premises including:
  • We have separated our Force Control Suite across 4 locations in order to receive calls for service, whilst maintaining a safe working environment.
  • We have introduced strict social distancing and hygiene measures across our entire estate which has been further enhanced through the initiation of cleaning stations which include hand sanitiser, wipes and other cleaning products within relevant areas. 
  • We have implemented new floor markings and signage, to encourage safe movement around our buildings.
  • All operational officers and staff have each been issued personal issue personal protective equipment including facemasks, eye protection, aprons, nitrile gloves and hand sanitiser. This has been further enhanced with each operational vehicle equipped with additional personal protective equipment.
  • Where possible, our officers remain working in the same pairings on shift when double-crewed in police vehicles.
  • We have introduced a waste management system to dispose of used PPE in a safe and effective manner.

Chief Constable Pam Kelly said:

"The very nature of police work means we, on occasion, have to have some physical contact with members of the public, so we have put in place a number of measures to help keep people safe, including in our public areas."

"If you need to visit a police station or another of our buildings, for whatever reason, we want you to be reassured that we’ve been following the Welsh Government advice to make our estates as safe as possible."

Police station front counter service:

Throughout the pandemic our front office counters remained accessible to the public due to the previous installation of perspex screens. This measure minimised the risk posed to our officers and staff and, in turn, helped keep the public safe. During the period we also encouraged people to engage with us through existing methods, in addition to our social media desk.

In our front counters you will see the following measures:

  • We’ve hand sanitiser and cleaning products in place to be used by both the public and officers and staff.
  • We’ve implemented new floor markings and signage, to encourage safe movement and allow people to keep a safe distance from others while waiting. We would ask you to please adhere to these markings and signs if you are visiting one of our buildings and thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Police custody suites:

  • We’ve hand sanitiser and other cleaning products placed within each of our custody suites to be used by those working in custody and members of the public who have been brought into the custody environment.
  • We’ve also enhanced cleaning process in place to ensure that surfaces are disinfected frequently.
  • We’ve installed Perspex screens as a safety precaution at custody desks and interview rooms to minimise the transfer of airborne droplets.
  • We’ve introduced a triage system for detained persons arriving at each custody suite to ensure the safety of officers, staff and members of the public who are in attendance.
  • You may see some of our police officers and staff wearing masks and gloves if they feel it is appropriate. Please do not be alarmed, this is designed to help keep us all safe.