The Chief Constable retains responsibility for operational policing and Gwent Police's officers and staff are under his direction and control.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has a number of specific duties and responsibilities.

  • Being accountable to the people of Gwent.
  • Setting strategic policing priorities.
  • Holding the Force to account through the Chief Constable.
  • Engaging and involving the public.

  • Ensuring that the Police respond effectively to public concerns and threats to public safety.
  • Promoting and enabling joined up working on criminal justice and community safety.
  • Increasing public confidence in how crime is cut and policing delivered.

  • Ensuring that public priorities are acted upon, victims are consulted and that the most vulnerable individuals are not overlooked. 
  • Complying with the General Equality Duty under the Equality Act.

  • Ensuring an effective policing contribution, with other partners, to national public protection arrangements from other cross-boundary threats in line with the Strategic Policing Requirement.

  • Responsible for setting the budget, including the police precept component of council tax, and the distribution of policing grants from central government