The Police and Crime Priorities for Gwent are driven by the issues you told the Police and Crime Commissioner are important to you. They form the basis of his Police and Crime Plan for Gwent.

Taking action to prevent crime by working with partner organisations and communities to tackle crimes that present the greatest threat, risk and harm and especially those crimes committed against the most vulnerable.

Provide excellent support for all victims of crime with a particular focus on preventing further serious harm.

Ensure that the Police, partners and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner engage with communities to encourage, help and support them to work together to keep themselves safe.

Ensuring the Police work closely with partner organisations to tackle ASB effectively.

Ensuring that Gwent Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner are high performing organisations which value and invest in our staff to achieve value for money in delivering impressive services that meet the needs of all our communities.

Our performance against the Police and Crime Commissioner's priorities is achieved through the delivery plan set by the Chief Constable.