There are a range of associations, networks and groups supporting our workforce and Gwent Police has a range of initiatives and schemes to help colleagues develop.

Our staff networks offer support and friendship to our officers, staff and the local community alike. They work to support and advise colleagues nationally and we are proud of the active part they play in influencing policing across the UK.

The networks and associations include:

Gwent Police Disability Support Network has been set up for those with a disability or living through a disability. The Disability Network is here to help and support anyone with or affected by disability. Whether you are living with a disability or are affected by a loved one, the network is here for you. 

The network offers support and guidance for Staff and Officers who may have a disability or health issue or provide support or care for someone with a disability. 

Active in the promotion of disability rights and awareness, we are consulted and involved in making policy and procedural recommendations within Gwent Police.  We also engage with the Disabled Police Association at National Level.

Gwent Police Mental Health Support Group is a peer support group  of police officers and staff each of whom has experience of living with poor mental health. We meet bi monthly to offer support to each other in a safe, comfortable and friendly environment.

Additionally we have a closed social media group to offer peer support outside of the meetings. 

The group also holds activities such as walks and social gatherings to extend the connection and help beyond the working environment.

The Gwent Women in Policing Network or GWiP was first formalised in February 2001, and its current aims are:

  • To raise the profile of all women in Gwent Police.
  • To facilitate and contribute to discussions on issues of concern to police officers and police staff, e.g., career progression, representative workforce, uniform, wellbeing, promoting a supportive working environment.
  • Work with Gwent Federation Council, Gwent Police Superintendents’ Association and Gwent Police Unison Branch on female related issues.
  • To access and be involved in the decision making process of Gwent Police.
  • To contribute to the continuous professional development of all members.
  • To develop a Network of social and professional contacts between police officers and police staff, both locally, nationally and internationally.

Gwent Police Ethnic Minority Association (GEMA) was formed as Gwent Black Police Association in 1999 as a support network for black and minority ethnic (BME) staff. Recently, after a period of discussion it was renamed as GEMA to reflect the number of BME staff and officers who do not identify themselves as black. 

The 'Association' is involved in discussing and advising on Force Policy regarding Race, Equality and Diversity, Staff Welfare and engagement with BME communities. It is also our aim that GEMA better reflects our minority communities in Gwent.

Gwent Police’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) Network offers a warm welcome to anyone with an interest in supporting us to become a more inclusive organisation.  The Network aims to:

  • Spread the message to communities and staff that hate crime is not acceptable
  • Actively encourage people to report hate crime or any other discriminatory behaviour where they see it
  • Encourage LGBT+ people to apply to Gwent Police and advocate that Gwent Police is dedicated to serving all communities
  • Provide peer support to our LGBT+ colleagues
  • Remain passionate about breaking down barriers, challenging discriminatory behaviour and attitudes
  • Champion LGBT+ matters within the workforce
  • Support community events
  • Provide visible role models within the service
  • Offer support and signposting to anyone questioning their sexual or gender identity
  • Provide advice to parents or carers of young people who may be in need of support

The Christian Police Association in Gwent aims to be a voice for Christians in Policing, to encourage and support Christians in the Police Service, and to build bridges between the Christian community and the Police.




The Police Superintendents’ Association (PSA) represents superintendents and chief superintendents in 49 police forces – the 43 Home Office forces, British Transport Police, Civil Nuclear Constabulary, Isle of Man Constabulary, Bermuda Police Service, Royal Gibraltar Police and Gibraltar Defence Police. 

Gwent Police have a Branch Board which is chaired by Ch/Supt Nick McLain. The aims, objectives and vision for the Branch Board mirror those of the National PSA which are:

To support and represent our members’ welfare and interests, while being an influential voice in policing for the public good.

Mission :

  • To negotiate the best possible conditions of service for members.
  • To provide support and advice to members regarding health and welfare or those ‘at risk’ in relation to conduct issues.
  • To help lead and develop the police service to improve standards of policing.
  • To actively contribute to helping to shape future policing policy and practice at the national and strategic levels.

Our values in terms of how we behave and act in pursuance of our mission, are those of the Police Service of England and Wales, which are enshrined within the Code of Ethics.

We will work towards our vision and mission through the delivery of our Action Plan, focussing on caring for our people, our police and our public.

Further information on the National PSA can be found at: Police & Home Office Forces | Police Superintendents' Association (

The Gwent Police Welsh Speakers and Learners Network is open to any colleague who:

  • is learning Welsh (any level)
  • is a Welsh speaker (any ability)
  • is not a Welsh speaker or learner but has a positive interest in the Welsh language

The Network meets formally once or twice a year to discuss Welsh language matters that affect Gwent Police and Network members themselves. Outside of those meetings, the Network members keep in touch informally.

The Network has an annual budget that it may use to promote membership and awareness, as well as funding events that benefit Network members, e.g. conferences, community events.

Network members are offered opportunities to use their Welsh language skills professionally and socially, Gwent Police also has a training budget that is used to enable network members to improve upon their existing Welsh language skills or learn Welsh from scratch.   

For further information, or to join the Gwent Police Welsh Speakers and Learners Network, please contact Cath Baldwin.