#ReadBetweenTheLines and help those who may be suffering from domestic abuse.

Gwent Police has launched a campaign encouraging people to #ReadBetweenTheLines and help those who may be suffering from domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is not always immediately obvious or visible.

Those suffering often don’t identify themselves as victims. Sometimes they just need help to take the first step and get away from their abuser as Chief Constable Pam Kelly highlights;

"We know that home is not a sanctuary for everyone so it’s important that we all work together to help those in need.

"Keep in touch with family members and friends, if there is someone who needs help speak to them. They may not be ready to talk to you but there are many organisations that offer support and advice.

"Domestic abuse does not discriminate - anyone can be a victim regardless of age, gender, sexuality or social background and of course it is not always a crime that is clearly visible, it can be hidden, so we need to really look out for, and help those struggling."

“Working together we can make a difference in supporting the most vulnerable members of our community.”

Domestic abuse can take many forms including:

  • emotional
  • financial
  • threatening, controlling & coercive behaviour
  • sexual
  • physical

If you are a victim, or are worried about someone you know, you can call the Live Fear Free helpline 24/7 for advice and support:

Phone: 0808 80 10 800

Text: 078600 77 333

You can also call Gwent Police on 101 or direct message us on Facebook or Twitter. In an emergency always dial 999.

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