The Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, Jeff Cuthbert, has been given funds by the UK Government to help make Gwent’s streets safer.

We’re working together to use that funding in the best way in two communities in Gwent: Pillgwenlly in Newport, and Rhymney in Caerphilly.

We know that being a victim of neighbourhood crimes like burglary can be upsetting, so we want to make your area a safer place to live and work.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • we’ll give you help and support to make your home more secure
  • we might be able to supply and fit extra security locks for your windows and doors
  • we’ll deliver SmartWater marking kits. This is a liquid which is invisible to the naked eye, and can only be seen under a UV torch
  • you can then mark your valuable items with SmartWater; if the item is stolen, there is a higher chance that we can return it to you, and that we can track down and arrest the people responsible
  • here’s how Smartwater works: SmartWater® - The Crime Fighting Company and here’s a video explaining how to apply SmartWater
  • we’re also working with your local council to introduce further security measures, including CCTV, to make your streets safer.

In Pillgwenlly, Gwent Police and the Office of the Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner are working with Newport City Council, Newport City Homes, Melin Homes, Pobl, Linc housing and other partners to make your homes safer.

In Rhymney, Gwent Police and the Office of the Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner are working with Caerphilly County Borough Council to make your streets safer.

We want to make sure we’re helping our communities in the best way possible.

That’s why we’re visiting residents to ask some questions – to find out what security equipment we can provide to help protect you and your possessions from this type of crime.

We’re working in two specific areas in Gwent – Pillgwenlly and Rhymney – which have been particularly affected by theft, burglary, robbery, and other neighbourhood crimes.

People at risk of crime in those areas will be supported.

We’ll make sure each home gets the equipment it needs.

Some homes will get new door and window locks.

Some people will be offered CCTV doorbell cameras, while others will be offered dusk-to-dawn lighting.

But don’t worry if your neighbours get different equipment to you – we’ll make sure each resident gets the best support for them, based on risk.

We’re also working with your local council to introduce further security measures, including CCTV, to make your streets safer.

At the moment, the funding we’ve received covers these two areas.

But don’t worry, we’re always here to support you.

We’ll also be applying for more funding to support other areas in Gwent in the future.

The We Don’t Buy Crime team is our specialist team dedicated to tackling theft, burglary, robbery and vehicle crime throughout Gwent. If you would like more information on their work, visit Safer neighbourhoods | Gwent Police.

We will act on any information you give us about any crime in your area – so, please call 101, or 999 in an emergency.

We know that becoming a victim of crime is stressful and upsetting. We don’t want it to happen to you, so we’re using preventative measures to stop it happening.

If you’ve already been affected by theft, robbery, burglary or vehicle crime, the We Don’t Buy Crime team will help to stop it happening again.

We know that, statistically, offenders tend to commit crime in an area they have already targeted.

This work will help stop that happening to you.

We’re using tried and tested methods to reduce crime and make these areas less attractive to criminals.

We know that improving household security puts offenders off committing crime in that particular neighbourhood.

Better security and more CCTV can also help reduce crime in these areas in the long term.

Neighbourhood crimes like burglary and theft hit local communities hard.

A rise in other types of crime also tends to happen in areas where neighbourhood crime is high.

We know that more security for homes and businesses and extra CCTV are very effective in preventing crime.

Preventing crime happening in the first place is better for communities. By targeting and preventing neighbourhood crime, we can free up police time to focus on other crimes and protect vulnerable people in Gwent.

When we’ve looked at all the answers to the residents’ survey, and decided how we can help, we’ll get back in touch with residents to arrange a time for us to come back and put the best security equipment in place.

It will take a couple of weeks for us to work through all the details we get from this survey.

From October, the police, councils and other partners will start fitting home safety improvements in Pillgwenlly and Rhymney.

This work might go on for a few months.

Please call the police if you see a crime happening, or have any information about a crime - call 101, or 999 if it’s an emergency.

We’ll do everything we can to support you, and to take criminals off your streets.