We’ll use a range of undercover methods to deter criminals, and to catch and convict them if they do commit crime.

  • we’ll display signs, stating that undercover operations may be used in the area
  • we’ll use trap vehicles and other undercover property to catch and convict criminals, as appropriate
  • we’ll return stolen property to the rightful owner, when possible.


  • undercover methods act as a deterrent to criminals
  • if offenders still choose to commit offences, it’s more likely that they’ll be caught and will face conviction
  • this will help protect communities, reduce incidents of acquisitive crime, and help catch and convict offenders
  • the theft of treasured belongings hurts people
  • undercover tactics help us understand the acquisitive crime journey, and to identify and seek to convict everyone involved throughout the process of crime.
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If you want to contact Gwent Police about another matter or to report a crime you can direct message us on social media or call 101 or 999 in an emergency.