We know that deliberate drive off ‘no-pay’ incidents have a big impact on fuel stations, so we’ll help you prevent crime in the following ways:

  • we’ll visit fuel stations in Gwent
  • we’ll equip forecourts with deterrent signs asking, ‘Have you paid for your fuel?’
  • we’ll work with you to follow up deliberate ‘no-pay’ incidents and identify offenders
  • we’ll train fuel station employees to recognise the signs of criminal exploitation if they see it
  • we’ll ask you to act as our ‘eyes and ears’ to identify patterns of behaviour and exploitation
  • we’ll deliver the clear message that Gwent Police is working with businesses to prevent crime and convict offenders.


  • ‘don’t forget to pay’ signs will minimise innocent drive offs
  • partnership work will help us to trace offenders to specific crimes, and to secure a conviction
  • intentional drive off ‘no-pay’ incidents in fuel stations are often connected to serious and organised crime: by working together we can identify patterns and tackle criminal exploitation in our communities
  • employees in fuel stations will feel confident about calling the police with their suspicions, and passing on information which will help safeguard vulnerable people.
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If you have a question about We Don't Buy Crime or acquisitive crime in Gwent:

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